Mission Index

  1. Defeat 4 thugs, using Inspirations (Contaminated)
  2. Return to Contact
  3. Learn about Enhancements

Click here to receive your Inspirations and accept the task

Sergeant Hicks

I'll give you some Inspirations to experiment with, a Damage one and a Healign one. Just click on them in your Inspiration Tray to use them. I want you to take down four more thugs while our detectives try to get to the bottom of this.

Defeat four more thugs, and don't forget to use those Inspirations!

Part 1: Defeat 4 thugs, using Inspirations (Defeat 4 Contaminated)
Defeat X @ Outbreak (Contaminated)

Mission Complete: Return to Sergeant Hicks for further instructions.

Part 2: Return to Contact
Delivery @ Outbreak
Sergeant Hicks

Good job on those thugs. As a reward, I'll give you something called an Enhancement. You can use Enhancements to permanently improve a power. Click on the Enhancements tab on your Powers Tray to see Enhancements you have collected. In that display, click the Manage option to get to the management screen where you can pick the power the Enhancement will be attached to.

You can use any of the 'Training' enhancements you find, but other types of Enhancements can only be used by specific origins. Just right click on an Enhancement to get more info about it. You should now go read more about Enhancements on teh terminal over there, it will explain levels and combining Enhancements to make them more powerful.

Part 3: Learn about Enhancements
Delivery @ Outbreak
Information Terminal

Enhancement Levels

If an Enhancement is of a higher level than your Combat LEvel, then it will be more effective in what it does. If it is a lower level than your Combat Level, then it will be less effective. heroes can not use Enhancements that are more than 3 levels higher or lower than their Combat Level. These Enhancements will show up with red level numbers, indicating that they give no bonus.

Combining Enhancements

You can stretch out the life span of an Enhancement you have by combining it with an Enhancement of the same type. Go to the Manage screen for your Enhancements and click the Enhancement you want to increase the level of. This will bring up the Combination screen. Here you can combine the Enhancement with an Enhancement of the same type that is in your inventory, or is in the Power. The chance that the combination will be successful is based on the level difference of the Enhancements being combined. The larger the spread, the less likely it is to succeed. If you are successful then you will extend the life of the higher level Enhancement by 1. this i symbolized by having a + added to the number of the Enhancement, so a 16+ would be the equivalent of a level 17 Enhancement. An Enhancement can only be combined twice, making it +2 levels, shown as ++ after the level of the Enhancement. After that it can not be combined further.

Sergeant Hicks

Now that you know about Combining, I will give you another of the same type of Enhancement I gave you earlier. You can try combining the two Enhancements fro practice. If you need to refrsh your memory, you can always check out that terminal in the future, or read up on Enhancements in the game manual.

Looks like has learned something about the drug.


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