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Mission Index

  1. Combat Vahzilok in Kings Row (Vahzilok)

Go to Kings Row and stop the Vahzilok kidnappings

Kip Cantorum

Kings Row has been bearing the brunt of the latest Vahzilok kidnapping spree. I need a hero who can get to Kigns Row and stop the Vahzilok kidnappings. I don't want to hear about one more missing person case!

The Gish has suffered a lot in this latest round of abductions. High Park has also seen a lot of activity.

Part 1: Combat Vahzilok in Kings Row (Defeat 10 Vahzilok)
Defeat X @ Kings Row (Vahzilok)

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Vahzilok from kidnapping the resident of Kings Row.

Kip Cantorum

Thanks, Red Tomax. The people in Kings Row can breathe a little easier now.


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