Story ArcThe Bonefire Plot


Mission Index

  1. Arrest all gang members, look for clues (Hellions,Skulls)
  2. Take the cloak to Azuria
  3. Defeat gang leader and guards (Hellions)
  4. Talk to Athena Currie
  5. Defeat Skull leader and guards (Skulls)
  6. Take ledger to Carla Brunelli
  7. Locate gang headquarters (Hellions,Skulls)
  8. Defeat all gang members (Hellions,Skulls)

Stop the gang war

Lorenzo DiCosta

Hey there, Red Tomax. I heard a bad rumor today. It seems one of the Skull leaders, Marrowsnap, is leading a bunch of his guys into a known Hellions hideout. I'm afraid a conflict like that could spill out onto the streets and endanger the lives of our citizens. We need some hero presence down there to stop that gang war. Will you do it?

Make sure that those two gangs know that their squabbles are being monitored!

Part 1: Arrest all gang members, look for clues (Seek cause of gang war)
Abandoned warehouse @ Kings Row (Hellions,Skulls)

The door hangs on its hinges. It looks like the Skulls have alreayd made their entrance.

Objective: You have recovered the Robe of Cold Comfort.

ClueRobe of Cold Comfort

This mystical robe was crafted by the encahntress Atsegine. It carries her unique mystical signature.

Mission Complete: You defeated the villains and found a mysterious clock.

Lorenzo DiCosta

This cloak clearly has some sort of mystical power. I wonder what the Hellions wanted with it.

It sounds like my suspicions were correct. The Skulls are looking to increase their turf. This could get bad.

Take the cloak to Azuria

Lorenzo DiCosta

I'd like you to take that strange cloak you found to Azuria at MAGI. She may be able to tell us why the Skulls and Hellions were willing to go to battle over it.

The Skulls might make a second attempt to get the cloak, so look out.

Part 2: Take the cloak to Azuria
Delivery @ Atlas Park

Oh, Red Tomax, it's you! We need your help desperately! One of our enchantresses, Atsegine, has been kidnapped by the Hellions! She's being held in an abandoned office in King's Row. Will you please rescue her? While you're doing that, I'll examine this cloak you brought me.

You had better take this extra emergency teleporter, in case Atsegine needs it.

Part 3: Defeat gang leader and guards (Find missing mystic)
Abandoned office (Hellions)

It's cold in here; the building hasn't been heated since it went out of business years ago.

Atsegine MAGI [Lieutenant]
This MAGI mystic has been kidnapped by the Helions. It will be most interesting to learn what they wanted from her.

Mission Complete: You have rescued Atsegine.

Lorenzo DiCosta

Good job on getting Atsegine out of there. You know, she crafted the Robe of Cold Comfort you recovered from the Hellions earlier. I wonder if they found her by tracing the mystical energy she transferred to that cloak?

The Hellions seem to be gearing up for a fight. They even went so far as to kidnap a MAGI mystic to tip the scales in their favor! Well, at least we have a good idea where they are getting their backing from now their connection to the Warriors' artifact trade is a secret worth knowing.

Take the message to Athena Currie

Lorenzo DiCosta

You did a great job freeing Atsegine from the Hellions, but it looks like our gang problems are just beginning. The Skulls are moving into Kings Row in force, and we need to step up the presence there. Will you take this message to my friend Athena Currie? She has friends on the police force; she should be able to get the extra people we need.

Be sure to tell her to ask for some extra cops in Kings Row.

Part 4: Talk to Athena Currie
Delivery @ Steel Canyon
Athena Currie

If Lorenzo DiCosta thinks it's important, I'll ask for some extra cops on patrol in King's Row. I've been worried about the situation there as well. In fact, one of my informants gave me a tip on some Skull activity over in the old Hyperion Building. I'd like to ask you to check it out for me. See if you can find out what they're up to over there.

Part 5: Defeat Skull leader and guards (Find evidence of Skull plans)
Abandoned office @ Kings Row (Skulls)

It looks like Athena's source was right. This is definitely a hideout for the Skulls.

Objective: You found a ledger!

ClueBusiness ledger

This ledger contains records on drug manufacturing and sales. It belongs to a large group called the Superadine Connection, which includes the Skulls and the Skyway City Trolls. The group is presided over by the Family, a powerful gang from Independance Port.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Skulls and recovered some evidence.

Lorenzo DiCosta

Wow, this ledger you found is great! Looks like the Skulls' entire drug operation is summed up in here, along with their connections to the Trolls and the Family. Now, that's what I call juicy info! I am sure the police will love this.

It's starting to look like the Skulls and Hellions are coming together for a big clash of the pawns, Red Tomax.

Take the ledger to Carla Brunelli

Lorenzo DiCosta

Carla Brunelli wants to see that ledger you took from the Skulls. She's on the gang force here in Paragon City, and she's the bets person to handle all this new info about the Skulls' Superadine connections. Do me a favor and take that ledger to Carla Brunelli.

Do whatever Carla asks of you, all right?

Part 6: Take ledger to Carla Brunelli
Delivery @ Skyway City
Carla Brunelli

Wow, this ledger is everything Lorenzo DiCosta described and more! It seems that the family has been supplying the Skulls with Superadine, and the Skulls are then selling it to the Trolls, keeping the Family's nose clean. Lining up for the opposition, we've got the Hellions, the Outcasts, and the Warriors. It looks like the Warriors have a huge artifact trade going, and the Hellions and Outcasts are in on that action.

I need you to go to Perez Park and start putting the hurt on both the Hellions and the Skulls. Hopefully you can get info on one of their headquarters. Then we can put a big dent in their organizations.

Part 7: Locate gang headquarters (Defeat 20 Hellions, Defeat 20 Skulls)
Defeat x @ Perez Park (Hellions,Skulls)

Mission Complete: One of the defeated thugs gave up the location of the Skulls' main base.

Part 8: Defeat all gang members
Cavern @ Perez Park, Perez Park (Hellions,Skulls)

These cave walls resound with the sounds of gunfire and flame.

Mission Complete: You took down the Skulls' base.

Lorenzo DiCosta

You performed great in there, Red Tomax. The city and its people owe you a debt of gratitude! I don't know if you heard, but that ledger was stolen from Carla. It's a darn shame; the drug connections it described would have let us put away several ranking members of the Skulls, Trolls, and Family!

You saved a MAGI mystic, took down those warring gang members, and greatly expanded our knowledge of how the gangs in Paragon City operate. Red Tomax, nothing can diminish what you accomplished here. This was your greatest victory to date!

Souvenir: Skulls bandana

You've kept the bandana of a defeated Skull as a souvenir of your crusade against the gangs of Paragon City. It's an adventure you've come to think of as:


When the Skulls made a move on the Hellions. you were on the scene to keep their battle off the streets. You also found a magical cloak in the Hellions base.

You took the cloak to Azuria. who was relieved to see you. One of MAGI's employees had been kidnapped. and Azuria sent you to the rescue. When the battle was over. the rescued mystic had a story to tell. She had learned that the Hellions were working with two other gangs: the Hellions of Steel Canyon andthe Warriors of Talos Island. The three gangs were trying to flood the underworld with magical artifacts.

Your work against the gangs of Paragon City kicked up into high gear when you went to speak to Athena Currie about the Skulls. She asked you to break up a Skulls hideout. There you found a ledger which connected the Skulls. the Trolls. and the Family in a Superadine cartel.

You took the ledger to Detective Carla Brunelli. a member of Paragon City's gang unit. At her direction. you went after the Skulls' main headquarters. and found yourself in the middle of another gang fight. You defeated all the warring gang members and emerged victorious. However. the ledger had mysteriously disappered from carla's office. taking with it and hope of convicting the Family on drug charges.

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