OtherNemesis' Army


Mission Index

  1. Fight Nemesis in Cascades (Nemesis)

Fight the Nemesis Army around the Cascades

Lt. Col. Flynn

The Nemesis Army have been making a real pain of themselves lately all over the Cascades. This needs to be dealt with before they start to get overconfident. What do you say?

The directions are real easy on this one. Wherever you find the Nemesis Army lurking around the zone, beat them senseless. About 50 or so should get the message across.

Part 1: Fight Nemesis in Cascades (Defeat 50 Nemesis)
Defeat X @ Cascade Archipelago (Nemesis)
Lt. Col. Flynn

That should teach those tin soldier a lesson. Heh. You know that the natives call Nemesis the 'Prince of Brass', and his Army the 'Brass-hearted devils'? Or did I already tell you that?


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