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Mission Index

  1. Rescue missing patrol - 1:00:00 (Nemesis)

Rescue the captured patrol within 60 minutes

Lt. Volkov

A patrol's gone missing, and we were able to confirm that the Nemesis Army has captured them. My rangers have tracked a Nemesis patrol back to where we think those men are being held, but the defenses were too strong to take ourselves. Those men need to be rescued before the Nemesis decide they've outlived their usefulness. You may have as little as 60 minutes to save those men's lives.

You're the best chance those men have, Red Tomax. You sole objective will be to locate and liberate them from the Nemesis Army. Keep the time limit in mind, there won't be much margin for error.

Part 1: Rescue missing patrol - 1:00:00 (5 soldiers)
Laboratory @ Firebase Zulu (Nemesis)

According to Lt. Volkov's scouts, the missing men should be somewhere in this base. You only hope you're not too late to save them.

Mission Complete: You rescued all of the soldiers from the Nemesis Army.

Lt. Volkov

You saved the lives of some good men today, Red Tomax. I hate to think what would have happened to those guys without you.


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