Task ForceThe Kheldian War


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all vampyri in cave (Council)
  2. Defeat all villains in cave
  3. Take flask to Stephanie Peebles
  4. Defeat Archon Fontain & his men
  5. Interrogate agents in Striga
  6. Rescue Dr. Todd
  7. Defeat all villains in base
  8. Take the schematics to Dr. Engles
  9. Defeat Archon Salvatore & his men
  10. Interrogate agents on Striga
  11. Defeat Arakhn

Notable Foes

Honorary Peacebringer
You have stopped the Council's plan to infect the populace with Nictus aliens.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Agree to form a task force


I have been watching this little island for soem time, heroes, and I am greatly troubled. I fear that the heinous crimes of te Council (and of those they have allied themselves with) may spell the destruction of this entire planet, its people, and all its glorious mysteries. I must beg you to help me. Perhaps together, we can stand between this Earth and the coming disaster.

Before we begin, know that I am not of this world. Or, not entirely. This body was born here, yes, but there is much more to me now. You see, my body was fused with the life force of a Kheldian, a wise but short-lived alien race. In a very real sense, there is more to me than just a single soul. if we continue, you will learn things that are secret to most humans. I must be able to trust you.

You will earn my trust if you can journey into Vampyr Mountain and take down a clutch of Vampyri. Only true heroes would risk such a feat.

A code name seems in order. I like the sound of Task Force Astral.

Part 1: Defeat all vampyri in cave
Tunnels @ Striga Isle (Council)

Strange creatures whisper in the dark.

Mission Complete: You defeated the vampyri to gain Moonfire's trust.


Thank you, my friends. I suppose I can trust you now. Remember, what you learn from me is not for other ears. I will tell you of the villainies of the Council, most particularly, those of the wicked Arakhn.



You have earned my trust, and it is only fitting that I reward you by disclosing one of my secrets. Like me, Arakhn is only partly of this world. Her body is human, but the life force that guides her is that of a Nictus. The Nictus are ghastly creatures, the dark and twisted cousins of my race. Yes, the Kheldian legacy isfruaght with misery and war. A war that has, most regrettably, some at last to Earth.

I have sensed a vast build up of Nictus energy in a nearby cave xomplex. Go there. I believe we will gain a clue to Arakhn's most recent plans.

Part 2: Defeat all villains in cave (Seek clues)
Tunnels @ Striga Isle

You hear the shuffling of clawed animal feet.

Mission Complete: ?


The cave was full of War Wolves? Strange. I have observed them for some time, but I have not yet determined their origin. They are like the beasts of this world's legends, and yet they are also strangely familiar to the part of me that is Kheldian. Perhaps this flask you found can help us solve that mystery?

Confirm Moonfire's suspicions


I have the greatest fears about the contents of that flask you found, Task Force Astral. before we proceed, my theory must be confirmed. There is one on this island who is wise in the ways of all things. Take the flask to her, my friends. Perhaps she will be able to confirm my dread suspicions.

I can only hope the contents are not what I fear them to be.

Part 3: Take flask to Stephanie Peebles
Delivery @ Striga Isle
Stephanie Peebles

All right, let's see that flask. Oh. Oh, my. The darkness within this bottle is a life form of some kind. No. It is a fragment of a life form. A scrap of living energy, full of malice and hunger. I can only guess at the power of a full specimen of the species. I'm glad this is merely a piece of one!

If you are willing, I will craft a simple spell to put this energy under your control.


So. My worst suspicions have been confirmed. Within that flask, heroes, is a fragment of a Nictus! The cruelest race my galaxy has ever known, the sworn enemy of every right-thinking Kheldian! Be thankful that it is not a full-blooded Nictus Stephanie Peebles has bound to you. be thankful, Task Force Astral, but also be afraid.



Listen, heroes, and you will hear a terrible tale: teh history of the Kheldian race. You see, the Nictus and the Kheldians were once one people. Our lives were brief - ten years by this world's reckoning - but we were content. Or so we imagined. There were those among us who wanted more.

They became the Nictus. They learned to envelop other Kheldians, drain their life force, and thus become immortal. Inevitably, war followed. It is a war that has brought us halfway across the universe, to this unspoiled and beautiful planet. Perhaps it is foolish of me, but I hope to bring it to an end.

There are Kheldians still living on this planet in their natural form, though most of us have chosen to fuse with a human, like myself. I can only assume there are Nictus still living here as well. that flask you found contained a fragment of such a creature. Perhaps in another of Arakhn's strongholds, you can learn more.

Part 4: Defeat Archon Fontain & his men (6 hostages to rescue)
Tunnels @ Striga Isle

The air is hot with the war wolves' steamy, animal breath.

Mission Complete: You have rescued the hostages from Arakhn's troops.

ClueThe hostage's story

One of the hostages you rescued from Arakhn's Galaxy troops told you:

'When I joined up, I never knew it would be like this! Those Galaxy troops said they would implant us with Nictus fragments. I don't even know what those are, but they said it woudl turn us into powerful Galaxy soldiers ourselves. Or, if we weren't tso lucky, it would turn us into war wolves! I dont' want to be a war wolf!'

'There was a prisoner here, but they moved him yesterday. His name was Dr. Robert Todd. I don't know what they want with him, but I'm sure it's something awful!'


So, Arakhn and the Council are using Nictus fragments to fashion their galaxy troops. And when something goes wrong, however slight, the merger results not in a powerful soldier, but in a bestial war wolf! How disgusting! Listen, heroes. When I became fused with a Kheldian, it was with my full knowledge and consent. Indeed, that is the only way that such a merger is possible, either for Kheldians or for Nictus. But it seems that the Council is able to force these mere fragments on their recruits. I cannot imagine anything more diabolical! Nor can I doubt that Arakhn is behind it all.

Task Force Astral, I believe Arakhn has met her match!

Interrogate Arakhn's soldiers


If those men you saved are correct, there is still another prisoner in the Council's clutches. This Dr. Todd they spoke of must be rescued. I don't know whether Arakhn plans to infuse him with a Nictus fragment, as she tried to do to those recruits, or whether she has some darker purpose in mind. But I am certain her plot must be stopped. Go and interrogate Arakhn's soldiers, Task Force Astral. Perhaps one of them can tell us where Dr. Todd is imprisoned.

I know Arakhn's cruelty, Task Force Astral. I know what she is capable of.

Part 5: Interrogate agents in Striga (Defeat 20 Council)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: On one of Arakhn's officers, you found a set of orders.

ClueArakhn's orders

These orders are penned in a dark, spidery hand. They read:

'Bring the scientist to the base at these coordinates. I myself will convince him of the wisdom of aiding us.'

The orders are signed 'Arakhn'

Part 6: Rescue Dr. Todd
Council base @ Striga Isle

The coordinates seem to be accurate. You have stepped right into a Council base.

Mission Complete: You rescued Dr. Todd!

ClueDr. Todd's story

When you rescued Dr. Robert Todd from Arakhn's troops, he told you:

'I presume you've heard of me. Dr. RObert Todd? The famous kineticist? Well, I've done some of the premier wok in energy transference. I believe that is why that dreadful woman had me kidnapped.'

'You see, she wanted me to work on a machine. It was a most powerful device, able to transport energy across thousands of light years. The project was fascinating, but the work conditions left something to be desired. That rterrible face of hers! I will never forget it!'


The device Dr. Todd described is a thing most terrible, Task Force Astral. I have told you that the Nictus once fed upon other Kheldians. What I did not tell you was how. The Nictus scientists developed a powerful energy transfer device that could rip away a Kheldian's life force, even at a distance of light years. This terrible weapon is the reason we Peacebringers have resolved to destroy all Nictus, wherever they may be. If Arakhn plans to recreate this device, she must be stopped! Immediately!

You are remarkable heroes. With your help, I shall triumph over Arakhn at last!

Investigate the other facility


If Arakhn truly intends to replicate the machine that allowed the Nictus to feast upon the Kheldians, it will be disastrous. There are hundreds of Kheldians living on this planet, and millions more in our home galaxy. In an eye blink she could murder us all!

Dr. Todd mentioned another facility where he was briefly imprisoned. I want you to go there and see what you can learn. If you find anything of note, please take it to one of this world's wise women. Her name is Dr. Ann-Marie Engles.

It has been a logn time since I have been this badly shaken, Task Force Astral. Please, help me end this dreadful plot!

Part 7: Defeat all villains in base (Seek clues)
Council base @ Striga Isle

You hear the hiss of perfectly tuned machinery.

Objective: You found a schematic.


You recovered these plans from one of Arakhn's bases. They seem to describe a machine with vast energy transfer capabilities.

Mission Complete: You defeated the villains and found some schematics.

Part 8: Take the schematics to Dr. Engles
Delivery @ Skyway City
Dr. Ann-Marie Engles

Hmm. I'm afraid your friend, Moonfire, is mistaken. These schematics do not describe any machine that sucks energy. On the contrary. They describe a machine that transmits energy, directly into a human body. I think this machine is what allowed Arakhn to force those Nictus fragments on her recruits. What's worse, these plans describe how to make the machine stronger!

I believe this Arakhn plans to permanently merge living Nictus with hundreds of paragon citizens. The machine would allow her to do this without the host's participation or consent. We would become creatures like her, twisted by evil, able only to srve as vessels for our Nictus masters.


So, Arakhn plans to plant the remaining Nictus within Paragon City's people? And she has found a way to make the merging permanent without their consent? Her evil can pain me, Task Force Astral, but it can surprise me no longer. She must be stopped. For the good of humanity, and that of the entire universe.

Locate the names of Arakhn's intended victims


I have a plan I would like to share with you, Task Force Astral. It is a bold one. I intend to use Arakhn's plot against her, but it will require knowing the names of her intended victims. Do you think you can get that information for me?

If we can figure out who Arakhn plans to infect with her Nictus invaders, we can get to them first, and lay a pretty trap! While you're there, it would behoove you to take out a few of her men. The more we can weaken her power, the better the next phase of the plan will go.

Part 9: Defeat Archon Salvatore & his men (Find list of names)
Council base @ Striga Isle

Darkness seems to cloak this place.

Objective: You found a list of names

ClueList of names

You found this list of names on a computer in one of Arakhn's bases. It lists the names of several prominent Paragon citizens, including City Council members, philanthropists, and several heroes.

Mission Complete: You defeated Archon Salvatore and found a list of names.


Look at this list of names, Task Force Astral. Arakhn hopes to force permanent mergers with Nictus upon many of this city's greatest people. This cannot come to pass. Now that we know her intended targets, I will rally the Kheldian Army, known far and wide as the Peacebringers. We will set a trap for Arakhns Nictus.

Seek out Arakhn's stronghold


I want to bring the Kheldian War to a close once and for all, and to do that, I must end the Nictus threat. I intend to use Arakhn's plan agaisnt her, and lay a trap for her Nictus brethren. I want you to seek out Arakhn's stronghold. Then you must defeat her, while I gather the forces of the Kheldian Peacebrigners. My bodiless bothers will go to her intended victims, and ask premission to protect them from the Nictus. And then they will wait.

When you defeat Arakhn, I have no doubt her loyal minions will put her plan into effect, sending the Nictus into their intended hosts. But each Nictus will be surprised by a Kheldian lying in wait, within the very body they had planned to assume. There we will defeat them , once and for all.

I know this sounds dangerous, but it is the only way. If we do not stop the Nictus once and for all, Arakhn may develop an even more twisted plot. And that plot might succeed.

Part 10: Interrogate agents on Striga (Defeat 20 Council)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: One of Arakhn's soldiers gasped, 'All right, hero! I'll tell you what you want to know!'

ClueThe soldier's story

One of the Galaxy Archons gasped, 'I'l tell you what you want to know. Arrakhn is a cruel mistress, anyway. She is concerned not with the needs of her soldiers, but only the survival of her precious Nictus!

Part 11: Defeat Arakhn
Council base @ Striga Isle

You see a shadow flit across the ceiling. A trick of the light? Or something else?

ArakhnArakhn [Arch-Villain]
Very little is known about the mysterious figure known as Arakhn. She is a deadly assassin and is the last thing seen by many enemies of the Council. What most of the Council is unaware of is that Arakhn's powers resulted from the fusion of her human body with a Nictus life form. She is on the front lines of a war with the Kheldians, ancient enemies of the Nictus.

Mission Complete: You defeated Arakhn once and for all!

Honorary Peacebringer
Awarded for completing the final misison of the Task Force.

Wonderful job, Task Force Astral! Wonderful! You delayed Arakhn's plan lon enough for my people to lay a trap for the Nictus she intended to force upon human hosts. Some of the people we protected even invited the Kheldians to remain. I have no doubt they will become some of this world's greatest heroes.

As for the Nictus, I believe we have vanquished all of them, or at least weakened them greatly. I suppose it is possible that some of them may have fused with their human hosts, but I do not believe it is likely.

Souvenir: The Kheldian War

It began with a request from a mysterious watcher: Moonfire. a woman fused with the life of a Kheldian alien. Though she wanted your help. she was unsure as to whether she could trust you with the secrets of her race. To earn her trust. you took down a nest of vampyri on Striga Isle.

At Moonfire's request. you went next to a cavern network. where you encountered a legion of War Wolves. You defeated the creatrues. and came away with a strange flask. which seemed to contain a quivering energy form.

Moonfire sent you to the wise witch known as Stephanie Peebles. who was able to determine what the flask contained a fragment of a life form. She wove a complex spell to bind the energy to you. so that you could make use of its powers. moonfire was troubled by what you learned. She was now convinced that the flask contained a fragment of a Nictus. the sworn enemies of the Kheldians.

She told you the terrible history of the Kheldians: how the Nictus. once a port of the Kheldian populace. began preying on their own kind. thus becoming beings of pure darkness. Intent on finding another Nictus fragment. she sent you to one of Arakhn's strogn holds. There you discovered a number of Council recruits who were about to be combined with such fragments against their will. You learned that by doing so. they would gain the powers of the Galaxy troops. Those who were less lucky woyuld instead be transformed into War Wolves. You freed the unwilling recruits and learned of another prisoner. a Dr. Robert Todd.

Whatever Arakhn wanted with Dr. Todd. you knew it would not be good. You resolved to find him. You had to interrogate wuite a few troops to do so. but at last you learned the doctor's location. When you rescued him. you learned that he had been forced to help arakhn build some sort of machine for transferring energy.

Moonfire was stunned. She was convinced this machine was a replica of the one theNictus had originally used to suck out the life forces of Kheldians. allowing them to feed on the aliens' energy from afar. For the sake of every remaining Kheldian. this had to be stopped! However. when you investigated another of Arakhn's bases. the blueprints you found did not support Moonfire's conclusions. Dr. Ann-Marie Engles told you that the machine was probably used to permanently merge Nictus lif foreces with those of unwilling humans.

The threat was different that Moonfire had imagined. but it was no less dire. She hatched a brilliant plan. First. you had to uncover the names of Arakhn's intended victims.


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