OtherNightstar's Ritual


Mission Index

  1. Disrupt the ritual (Praetorians)

Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Nightstar, Arch-Villain (Praetorians)

This other world has been overshadowed by corrupting magic.
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Disrupt Nightstar's ritual

Maria Jenkins

Are you familiar with the Praetorian villain who calls herself Nightstar? I've heard some strange things about her. She's an intelligent robot, like Siege, but the difference is that she seems to be a little bit crazy. She believes that her power comes from a galaxy contained within her robotic armour. Every month, she goes out under the night sky to commune with the stars. If you could disrupt her ritual, her minions might start to doubt her. Even more importantly, she might start to doubt herself.

You'll want to check the rooftops for Nightstar and her minions. That's where they can usually be found.

Part 1: Disrupt the ritual (Defeat Nightstar & her guards)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Peregrine Island (Portal) (Praetorians)

The night sky lends a strange peacefulness to Praetorian Earth.

NightstarNightstar [Arch-Villain]
This android is the creation of Anti-Matter as a testament to his love for Dominatrix. Nightstar is patterened after her in the same way that Siege is patterned after Tyrant. Neuron considers it an inferior design but Anti-Matter knows that one day victory will be his.

Mission Complete: You defeated Nightstar.

Awarded for completing the mission.
Maria Jenkins

So, Nightstar really believes that she possesses the power of a galaxy. Well, I guess for all I know, it could be true. After all, there are more things in Paragon City than are dreamt of in your philosophy, Red Tomax. True or not, Nightstar will be licking her wounds for a time. You've weakened a big threat, my friend; you should be proud.


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