OtherThe Revenant Hero Project: New DNA


Mission Index

  1. Get Paragon Protector DNA (Crey)

Get some samples of Paragon Protector DNA

Janet Kellum

I've got an important mission for you, Red Tomax. We know that Crey's Paragon Protectors have been cobbled together using the DNA and memories of real heroes. What we don't know is which heroes were used. That information could give us valuable insight into the Protectors' strengths and weaknesses. Can you get us some samples of Paragon protector DNA?

You can go to the source, the Paragon Protectors. Or you can see if any of the other Crey agents have the required information. You ought to be able to find one or the other in the Rikti crash site. They're alway there, searching for Rikti technology to steal.

Part 1: Get Paragon Protector DNA (Defeat 45 Crey)
Defeat X (Crey)

Mission Complete: You found some skin samples.

ClueDNA Samples

One of the Crey agents you defeated was carrying several vials, each containing a sample of skin and labeled with the name of a famous hero. One vial is even labelled Red Tomax'.

Janet Kellum

These skin samples you found can tell us a lot about the DNA that's been used to construct the Paragon Protectors. Good work, Red Tomax. I had feared that Crey might have acquired your DNA during one of your missions against them; I'm sorry to see I was correct.


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