Minor Story ArcSubsuming Salamanca


Mission Index

  1. Combat Red Caps in Broken Teeth (Red Caps)
  2. Escort hostages to safety
  3. Recover the iron
  4. Take iron to Gordon Bower
  5. Seek clues from Red Caps
  6. Defeat Broadkin & his friends
  7. Stop takeover of Salamanca

Push back the Red Caps

Buck Salinger

So, you're Red Tomax. I've heard good things about you, kid, but you should know, I've worked with the best. The Damsel of Distress. Empyreal. The Crimson Fist. They all worked with me in their heydays, and they all knew one thing: I will no let my heroes down. With that in mind, I'd like you to take a quick tour through the Broken Teeth. The Red Caps are out of control in this area, and I need you to help push them back.

The folklore on the Red Caps is varied and disturbing. Fascinating reading, and not a little scary. These are vile creatures, Red Tomax. Do not underestimate them.

Part 1: Combat Red Caps in Broken Teeth (Defeat 10 Red Caps)
Defeat X @ Croatoa (Red Caps)

Mission Complete: You have decreased the number of Red Caps in the area.

Buck Salinger

Thanks, Red Tomax. I'll be honest with you: that was a test. I believe in giving my all to the heroes I work with, but I like to know whether they're going to give me the same in return. Keep it up, and I believe you'll stake a claim on history yourself.

Bring the captured citizens back

Buck Salinger

I've gotten word from Gordon Bower that several of his citizens have been kidnapped by the Red Caps. I'm not going to lie to you, Red Tomax. Those citizens are probably in terrible danger. Most likely they'll wind up dead; at worst, they'll wind up as playthings for the Red Caps for all eternity. Fortunately, i know where they are. And I need you to bring them back.

The Red Caps have taken the kidnaped villagers to the spirit world. Be careful there, Red Tomax.

Part 2: Escort hostages to safety (4 citizens to save)
Instanced Outdoor [Croatoa] @ Croatoa

A discarded notebook bears the logo for Paragon City University.

Mission Complete: You rescued the captive citizens.

Buck Salinger

You did well, Red Tomax. Four Salamancans are home safe in their beds thanks to you. And what do you get? Well, you get to go up against the forces of evil again. No one ever said being a hero was a walk in the park.

Recover the Red Cap's iron hoard

Buck Salinger

I think I've uncovered a way to strike at the Red Caps. It seems they've been hoarding all the iron in the area; fey creatures, as I'm sure you know, are afraid of iron. It can harm them quite greviously. If you would go into the caves and recover their iron hoard, I think we could really hit them where it hurts.

When you've finished, take the recovered iron over to Mayor Bower. I'm sure he'll be happy to get his citizens' pots and pans back to them.

Part 3: Recover the iron (5 hoards to find)
Tunnels @ Croatoa

A high, chittering laugh rings off the low walls of these caverns.

Objective: You found some iron.


According to Buck Salinger, Red Caps are highly susceptible to damage from iron. no doubt this is why they were trying to hoard it.

Objective: You found some iron.

Objective: You found some iron.

Objective: You found some iron.

Objective: You found some iron.

Mission Complete: You have recovered all the iron.

Part 4: Take iron to Gordon Bower
Delivery @ Croatoa
Gordon Bower

Thank you, Red Tomax. I'll get this iron back to its owners. Except for this piece. This blade. It belonged to my grandfather, you see. I've kept it as something of a memento, but now I want you to have it, at least for a while. I can't think of a better use for it than in defense of my grandfather's home.

Buck Salinger

Exploiting the weaknesses of the Red Caps will be key to defeating them, Red Tomax. Use that blade well.

Check out the Red Caps gathering

Buck Salinger

A friend of mine may be in trouble. His name's Daschle. Walter Daschle. He's a member of MAGI. Not the most talented mystic you'll ever meet, but very talented when it comes to summoning spells. Last I heard of him, he was working on ways to summon the varied creatures of Croatoa. I imagined that's why the Red Caps came after him. I need you to travel to the spirit realm and bring Daschle back. He's a good man, and he's in trouble. It's within the spitit realm. Now, be careful out there, Red Tomax. From the intelligence I've recieved, it sounds like this gathering is truly massive.

All signs indicate that the Red Caps are increasing their activities. It could be that they're ready to draw Salamanca into Croatoa permanently.

Part 5: Seek clues from Red Caps (Save Walter Daschle)
Instanced Outdoor [Croatoa] @ Croatoa

As you step into the spirit world, you feel ill at ease.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Red Caps!

ClueWalter Daschle's story

When you rescued Walter Daschle, he told you:

'We're in more trouble than you understand, my friend. A few of my colleagues and I have been investigating this area ever since things went bad last Halloween. The Red Caps are preparing to draw Salamanca permanently into the spirit world. My friends and I cooked up a way to stop them, but before we could do anything, we were captured by the vile creatures. Three of my fellow mystics are still in grave danger. And the whole village is on the verge of tumbling into Croatoa forever!'

Buck Salinger

According to Daschle, three of his fellow mystics are still missing. We should track them down immediately.

Break up the Red Caps ceremony

Buck Salinger

You managed to save Walter Daschle, but it sounds like there are three mystics still in danger. I've located a large Red Cap ceremony in the spirit world; it seems likely that the mystics are there. Even if they aren't, we're likely to learn something about the Red Caps plans to subsume Salamanca. So, I need you there. Now.

The ceremony is taking place in the spirit world. I need to know everything you observe while you're there.

Part 6: Defeat Broadkin & his friends
Instanced Outdoor [Croatoa] @ Croatoa

A gleeful little laugh breaks off into a wicked chortle.

Objective: One of the Red Caps you defeated giggled, 'Ceremony over! We ready now. Salamanca be ours soon!'

Mission Complete: You defeated the Red Caps, but learned that Salamanca is still in peril.

ClueThe Red Cap's tale

One of the Red Caps you defeated chortled:

You too late! Ceremony over; Salamanca be ours! We attack at village fountain! You never stop us, silly, silly Red Tomax.''

Buck Salinger

The mystics weren't there? That's bad. What's worse, it sounds like the Red Caps are ready to suck Salamanca into Croatoa. We have to stop it Red Tomax. We are officially out of time.

Stop takeover of Salamanca

Buck Salinger

According to the Red Caps you faced, Salamanca is under attack right now. I need you to get over there and stop it. There are three mystics still under the Red Caps' control: Janet, William, and Gregori. I need you to find and get them to the village fountain. Once there, they'll start working on a spell to banish the Red Caps from the village. You'll need to protect the henge around the fountain, which keeps the village safe, while the mystics work their magic. Otherwise, the Red Caps may be able to take over Salamanca for good!

That henge is the only thing standing between Salamanca and certain destruction. Keep it there, Red Tomax.

Part 7: Stop takeover of Salamanca (3 mystics to rescue, Protect the henge (15:00))
Instanced Outdoor [Croatoa] @ Croatoa

Somewhere in the village, three mystics are in peril. They need your help, and you need theirs.

Mission Complete: You saved Salamanca!

Buck Salinger

I have to tell you something, Red Tomax. According to the mystics, their spell never went off. Just at the moment of completion, some other power tapped into the mystic energy they were creating. The mystics never meant to kill the Red Caps, just remove them from Salamanca. Someone else's hand is at work here.

What's worse, the mystics tell me that spell nearly eliminated them, too. I've got a good idea of who's behind it, and they may well intend to damage only the Red Caps themselves. But, according to my colleagues, that spell could have drastic effects for all magic life: good creatures, magicians, even Magic Origin heroes. If the Cabal is behind it, we've got to stop them!


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