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Mission Index

  1. Recover stolen Chameleon Suit (Freakshow)

Infiltrate the Freakshow and recover the stolen Chameleon Suit

Wilma Peterson

The Freakshow are always on the lookout for new technology they can put to use causing mayhem. Their leader, a man called Dreck, recently ordered the Freakshow to steal a holographic disguise suit that was in development over at the university. They got away with one of the two prototypes, but the second one was saved by a quick-thinking student. That's where you come in. I want you to infiltrate the Freakshow and recover the stolen Chameleon Suit.

The Chameleon Suit has a limited power supply. It should last about 15 minutes.

Part 1: Recover stolen Chameleon Suit
Sewers (Freakshow)

Nothing seems unusual to you about this sewer section, but you know that somewhere within lurks an army of dangerous Freaks.

Objective: You found the stolen chameleon suit.

ClueStolen Chameleon Suit

This version of the suit has been modified by the Freakshow to imitate specific members of the Paragon City government.

Mission Complete: You have recovered the stolen suit.

Wilma Peterson

If the Freakhow has used that disguise to infiltrate City Hall, I can't even imagine the chaos they could have caused. You have the city's gratitude, Red Tomax.


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