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  1. Investigate Superadine Ring (Skulls)

Go to the streets and defeat a few Skulls

Juan Jimenez

I want to know where the Skulls are getting the money and supplies they need to run their Superadine ring. Red Tomax, get on the streets and take down a few Skulls. We've got to get to the bottom of this.

Take a few of these Flashbang Grenades. They'll disorient the Skulls.

Here's those Flashbang Grenades.

Part 1: Investigate Superadine Ring (Defeat 10 Skulls)
Defeat X @ Any (Skulls)

Mission Complete: The last Skull you defeated gave up information about the Skulls' drug ring.

ClueThe Skull's story

One of the Skulls you defeated told you:

'Yeah, all right, the Skulls got a partner. A big partner. You'll never guess where the Dyne is coming from, hero. And I ain't tellin' ya.'

Juan Jimenez

So, there is another player supplying the Skulls with Superadine. Very interesting. We'll have to learn more if we're going to win the drug war in Paragon City.


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