Kheldian Story ArcThe Final Darkness


Mission Index

  1. Rescue Lillian Issan (Council)
  2. Save Lillian Issan
  3. Search cargo ship
  4. Invetsigate NIctus Base
  5. Destroy the Shadow Cyst
  6. Destroy last Cyst

Notable Foes

Rescue Lillian Issan from whatever trouble she's found


Lillina Issan will be the new Shadowstar one day, if she can keep herself from being killed. In the aftermath of the Nictus insurrection within the Council, Arakhn and Requiem have gone into hiding, and Lilian has taken it upon herself to find them. Not the wisest course at any time, but absolutely foolish rightnow. She's dropped out of contact after she said she was going to investigate an old base that had been cleaned out weeks ago. I fear that Lillian has gotten herself into more trouble than she anticipated, and needs to be found.

Since Lillian will assume the role of Shadowstar one day, she takes it upon herself to go beyond her job as a reported and dig into the plans of our enemies. it probably makes her feel like she's doing her part, I just wish she'd use more caution. you must find Lillian and bring her back safely. Also, look for any clues that might help her investigation. She puts herself in too much danger, but we do need to know what the Nictus are up to.

Part 1: Rescue Lillian Issan (Find Lillian Issan, 1 piece of information)
Council base @ Founders' Falls (Council)

You can feel and all-too familiar energy in this place. There are Nictus here.

Objective: This is the body of a Galaxy soldier. He seems to have been killed by sonic weapons

Objective: You found some interesting letters

CluePersonal Papers

These documents you found in a Council base contain some of Requiem's personal documents, including recent messages to Arakhn:

'My Lady Arakhn,
I know that we are on an accelerated schedule, but you ask too much of my men. perhaps if we'd had a more accurate time for the Peacebringers to arrive, or if you had found or made an opportunity to assasinate the Center as we had planned, we would not have been brought to such a wretched state now. You forced me to draw plans against my own men, yet you never took the Center's life in all these years. All the opportunities you had to silence him, all these years you were close enough to put a blade to his throat, and yet you spared his life at every turn. There is only one explanation: You have feelings for him. You always have, do not deny it. Even before you joined Arachnos, I saw how you and he would court over wine at your villa. In my old life as Ridolfo Uzzano, as a flunky to Il Duce, I watched the two of you. I was there. I saw. I know.

Objective: You found where Lillian is

ClueAn operation failure report

This solemnly worded report explains how the reporter Lillain Issan inflitrated the base before they could recieve an unnamed shipment, was captured, and was then abducted by the Center's Ascendant troops. The author takes full responsibility for the failure, but does point out that he was able to trace where the Ascendants took Lillian.

Mission Complete: You discovered that Lillian has been taken from the Nictus by the Center!


Why did the Center take Lillian? It doesn't make any sense. If he did capture her instead of killing her, then is means he has a plan for her, and needs her alive. That gives us time to find her.

Rescue Lillian and find out what the Center wanted with her


We know where the Center has had his men take Lillian. What we don't know is why he did it or what he had planned for her. You must rescue Lillian before it's too late, and find out what the Center had in mind hen he took her.

Lillian will be the next Shadowstar someday, so her safety is paramount, we must also know why the Center was so interested in her, and why would he want her taken alive?

Part 2: Save Lillian Issan (2 clues to find, Rescue Lillian Issan)
Council base @ Talos Island

This small Council base is filled with the Ascendants, the personal guard of the Center.

Objective: You found some intercepted messages

ClueAn intercepted personal message

This message from Arakhn to Requiem was intercepted and copied here by the Council's intelligence group. From the sounds of it, the Nictus aren't taking their defeat well:

'My Requiem,
I must assume that our recent set-backs have set your mind aflame, for there is no other reason I could conceive that would cause you to speak to me with such a tone. has this alteration to our plans so snuffed out your wits? Of course I preserved the Center. think past your crude world of strife, past your philosophy of battles pitting strength against strength. The Center's powers added to our own would have ensured our plans. I sought to preserve a resource you wished to throw away for what? Yes, the Kheldians have stopped our plans, and yes, the Center's men now seek us out. But we have more plans, my Requiem. We are not yet done.'

Objective: You found some shipping records

ClueShipping records

These shipping records show the lists of cargo ships entering and exiting Paragon City over the last few days. one ship in particular has been highlighted, a cargo vessel that lef from Italy and arrived in Paragon City a few days ago. The words, 'This is where they brought them in' are written next to the ship's name.

Mission Complete: You rescued Lillian Issan and found out what she had discovered.

Clue'He called them Shadow Seeds'

After you rescued Lillian Issan, the intrepid reporter and future Shadowstar told you:

'Thanks for the rescue. This is getting to be a bad habit. Who would have guessed that snoping arounf the private armies of would-be world conquering megalomaniacs would be such a dangerous career?'

'Anyway, I found out something important. Arakhn and Requiem have been in hiding, but they haven't stopped their plans. I saw Requiem overseeing the arrival of something major, something they think will let them win even without the Council's troops behind them. hey called them Shadow Seeds. They brought them in on a ship, but I don't know which one. I was caught before I was able to fin dout. Then the Center's troops came after me, I guess to find out what I'd learned, too.'


Shadow Seeds? The Nictus have smuggled Shadow Seeds into the City? This is worse than I'd thought. A Shadow Seed is made by melding together an encrysted Nictus with certain rare crystals. If fed the right energy, it can create a 'Shadow Cyst', a place where Nictus can live without a host. They can also cross between cysts instantly, even across interstellar distances. We'd suspected that there was a cyst somewhere in Italy, but if they're trying to make another one here in Paragon City, the results could be a disaster. We'll have to investigate that ship.

Investigate the cargo ship


The Nictus may be preparing to set up Shadow Cysts in Paragon City. If they were to accomplish this, they could flood the city with Nictus, creating a catastrophe on a scale beyond imagination. We have to know if they've been able to get Shadow Seeds into the city, and where they may have taken them. Thanks to your hard work, we know that the Center was very interested in a ship that came to Paragon from Italy, where there's long rumoured to be an active Shadow Cyst. We now have to find out if they've really got the seeds over here.

If we have any luck at all, they won't really have any Shadow Seeds, just the threat of them. You can't take any chances though. if they do have a seed or a cyst, you must destroy it. Also keep your eyes open for any clues or information that might tell us about the next phase of their plan.

Part 3: Search cargo ship (2 clues to find, Destroy the Shadow Cyst)
Boat @ Peregrine Island

A growing shadow seems to gnaw at the interior of this lurching vessel.

Objective: The crate is empty, but there is some scratch paper inside

ClueDirections to danger

This slip of paper was left in an empty packing container that once held at least one shadow seed. The paper has some scribbled directions written on it, showing where to tkae whatever was in te crates. You could probably use this to track down where the conents were taken.

Objective: You have destroyed the Shadow Cyst Crystal!

Objective: You found some email on this computer.

ClueEmail on a adamaged laptop

Though this email was supposed to be deleted, it looks like whoever was reading it didn't hit the return button, and instead blasted the laptop with some kind of power. The laptop is still working, and you can read the following:

'My Lady Arakhn,
When I presented my plan to you, when I came crawling before you as a mere human seeking power, you knew that the Center's death would have to be part of that plan. We would need his resources, his talents, but we could never trust him to share our power. When you told me where to look to find the Shadow Cyst below Ravenna, you knew that this course could not be altered. And when I arrived before Il Duce, when I presented my services as Requiem and when we began our plans, you accepted what the end of ti all would be. A new world. A new rule. Our rule.
I have never reneged.
I have never forgotten.
I am uncertain, however, if the same can be said for you.

Mission Complete: You destroyed one of the Shadow Cysts, and found vital information


it's true. They do have Shadow Seeds. It will only be a matter of time before they plant them and let them take root. They've probably been planning this for weeks. With all the distraction and destruction caused by their attempted coup of the Council, no-one saw it coming. They were probably hoping to have the full strength of the Council on their side to protect the seeds as they grew, but now they're desperate. This is going to be close, but the Nictus are desperate. This may be our chance to end their threat for a long time.

Look for Shadow Seeds in Nictus base


We think that the information you found has shown us a Council base still under Nictus control where the Shadow Seeds were taken. If we are lucky, they'll still be there. If we aren't lucky, then you'll need to out out where the Nictus have taken them.

We don't know what you'll find in there, but if they have created a Shadow Cyst you must destroy it. You must also find out if they've alreayd planted any more Shadow Seeds, and where they might have put them.

Part 4: Invetsigate NIctus Base (2 clues to find, 2 Shadow Cyst Crystals)
Council base @ Kings Row

Long shadows sling to every corner of this base.

Objective: You found some information on this computer

CluePlacement plans

The drawing here show the plans for placing one of two Shadow Cysts beneath the City. The location of only one of the two cysts is shown here.

Objective: You have destroyed the Shadow Cyst Crystal!

Objective: You have destroyed the placeholder Shadow Seed!

Objective: You found an annotated letter

ClueAn annotated letter

This letter was written by hand, and as numerous notes angrily penned over parts of it in another hand. Parts of the letter are almost obscured by angily written phrases like 'She would dare!' or 'Curse her Harpy tongue!' Despite this, you can make out the following:

'My Requiem,
At times I now almost regret sending Ridolfo Uzanno to Ravenna. I had hoped you would gain enough strength. I had hope dyou would survive. I had not dreamed that you would join with a Nictus as powerful as Dirge of Entropy, and perhaps that is the problem. perhaps the bond between a Nictus so strong and a man so weak has created a creature too emboldened by it's power. Remember that I am the ruler of the Nictus, Requiem. I am the one who led us to this Earth. I refined fragmentation, I created the cysts where we can survive. You had plans only for temporal power within this world, I had plan to change this world forever and make it a new home for our kind. The Center's genius could have been our greatest asset, and you would tell me what to do with it! You short sighted fool! It is no wonder that our plans hae come to naught with you at their helm!
- Arakhn'

Mission Complete: You destroyed the Shadow Cysts and found information to lead you to the final shadow seeds!


You performed excellently in destroying the Cysts growing in that place, but I think those were just decoys. The plans you found show that they plan to place two more major cysts. We only know the location of one, but that's at least a start. What I fear is that the Nictus are desperate enough to guard those Cysts themselves. You may be facing some of the most powerful Nictus this galaxy has ever seen. You'd better get ready.

Defeat Requiem and destroy the Shadow Cyst he gaurds


We've found where the Nictus are setting up a major Shadow Cyst, based on the inforation you found lat time. 4 seeds, deep under the city. It gets worse, though. We think that Requiem himself is there, protecting them. In order to stop the Nictus, you will have to destroy those seeds and then battle Requiem hismelf.

You will need allies, and good ones if you want to have any chance against something like Requiem. I wish you the best of luck.

Part 5: Destroy the Shadow Cyst (Find information, 4 Shadow Cyst Crystals, Defeat Requiem)
Cavern @ Founders' Falls

Darkness and cold inhuman malice seep from every wall of this place.

RequiemRequiem [Arch-Villain]
Ridolfo Uzzano has come a long way from his humble beginning as one of Mussolini's lapdogs. The primary cause of his success was his fusion with a Nictus, a being of utter darkness. The Nictus gave Ridolfo the ability to scorch his foes with an infernal fire. Though he is now over 100 years old, Requiem remains a fearsome foe in battle. Before the Center arrived to spoil his fun, Requiem ruled over the massive military organization that was subsumed by the Council. His closest attendents suspect that Requiem is still smarting from his loss of power, and plotting his revenge.

Mission Complete: ?

ClueAn unfinished letter

This is a draft of an unfinished letter, written by Requiem to Arakhn. It reads:

'My Lady Arakhn,
You speak of the Center's power as if it were irreplaceable in these 70 years. Even now you let your feelings for him cloud your mine. I, who have burned away all trace of my former human weaknesses am now brought low because I trusted you had done the same. You said you would convert him or kill him. You have done neither, and he has instead helped the Kheldians to hatter ourplans and tear our schemes assunder.'

'Until now.'

'When we are done and this world is under our rule, the Nictus will need a leader if we are to stave off the certain Peacebringer assault and quell the growing number of Warshades. If you show such weakness again, you shall not live to challenge me for the title.'

More important than the test is that is has the location a courier is to deliver the letter written on it. This could lead you right to Arakhn and the rest of the Shadow Seeds.



Destroy the last Shadow Cyst


Celebrations over Requiem's capture have broken out all over the world, but it will be a short-lived celebration if we can't stop Arakhn. We have the location where she's overseeing the last of the Shadow Seeds, trying to create another cyst. That cannot be allowed to happen. You must defeat Arakhn and destroy the last Shadow Cyst. Take all the allies you can find. This is the end.

Arakhn's back is to the wall, this is her last chance and she knows it. Be ready for anything. And good luck.

Part 6: Destroy last Cyst (6 Shadow Cyst Crystals, Defeat Arakhn)

You feel a strange dark energy reaching through this place into the dark spaces of the void.

Objective: You have destroyed the Shadow Cyst Crystal!

Objective: You have defeated Arakhn, ending the threat of the Nictus on Earth.

Mission Complete: You defeated Arakhn and destroyed the last Shadow Seed.


It's over. The Nictus have been captured, and their centuries of poltting foiled. The Council is rebuilding, and the leaderless Galaxy and War Wolf soldiers are re-joining it, but they may never be as strong again. People all over the world are celebrating your victory, Xamot Der. There's still much to do on Earth, but some of us will leave this world soon. There are other places in the cosmos where the Nictus gather and grow strong. in each of those places, when things look bleak, I know that your name will be spoken, and the story of your battle against the Nictus on Earth will be retold to inspire a thousand generations to come.

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