Kheldian Story ArcThe Nictus Alliance


Mission Index

  1. Search base for information (Council)
  2. Defeat all villains in base
  3. Find Adjutant Lanney
  4. Find Lillian Issan
  5. Defeat all at front company
  6. Rescue Lillian Issan

Expose the Council's greatest secret


Xamot Der, you are in a unique position to recognize the grave threat that Requiem and Arakhn represent to this planet. Humans may understand the evil of the NIctus, but I do not believe they truly comprehend their abilities. For a long time, I have hoped that the obvious enmity between the Council's Nictus would keep them from joining forces against us. Now, that hope is gone. According to what we have learned, Requiem and Arakhn are working together, and have been for some time.

We can operate in a vacuum no more. To stop the Nictus from destroying this world, we must have the assistance of all her heroes. We must expose the Council's greatest secret for all the worldto see.

I have learned of a Council base where Requiem stores much of his most sensitive information. I hope that there you may find some proof of his relationship to Arakhn.

Part 1: Search base for information (Seek clues)
Council base @ Brickstown (Council)

Objective: You have found an encrypted list.

ClueEncrypted list

You found this encrypted list in one of Requiem's bases. it seems to contain a great deal of information, some of which is almost certainly the coordinates of bases loyal to Requiem and Arakhn. Unfortunately, you'll need a decryption key before it's of any use.

Mission Complete: You have the information you seek.


It's not much, Xamot Der, but it's a start. I commend you. with this list, we're one step closer to exposing the Nictus alliance. Now, if only we have the decryption key!

Find a decryption key


That encrypted list you found looks like it contains a lot of information. The only trouble is, we can't read it. I'm going to have to send you in to another of Requiem's bases. If we don't find some kinf of decryption key, this information you found will be useless forever.

If the Council knows what we're lookign for, they're likely to alter or destroy the decryption key. So you had better arrest every villain in the place, to keep them guessing our true intent.

Part 2: Defeat all villains in base
Council base @ Kings Row

Mission Complete: After defeating the villains, you found a note in your pocket.

ClueThe defector's note

After defeating the last of the Council villains, you found a strange note in your pocket. It reads:

'I have served Requiem and Arakhn loyally, for more years that I care to remember. Though it is difficult for me, I am ready to tear their alliance down. I have information I believe will be of utmost interest to you.'

'Adjutant Lanney'

There is also a time and meeting place on the note.


You didn't get the decryption key, but that note you foundmay well lead us to it. If we can believe this Adjuntant Lanney, he has potent information about his masters. Now, we have to get to him before the Council does!

Meet with the defector


I don't know whether we can trust this Adjutant Lanney, but his offer of information is the best lead we have. I want you to meet with this defector and see what information he acn offer us. But be wary, Xamot Der. If the Council has learned of his plans, they will certainly come after him.

Adjutant Lanney asked that you meet him as the old Gallatin Investments office. You had better hurry.

Part 3: Find Adjutant Lanney (Seek clues)
Abandoned Office @ 'Boomtown'

The moment you step through the door you know something is wrong. The Council is already here!

Objective: This is the body of Adjutant Lanney. Though he did not survive his encounter with the Council, he has left you a message pinned to the inside of his coat.

Objective: Under the false painting, you find a note from Adjutant Lanney.

ClueLanney's last words

Behind a painting in the abandoned office, you found this note from Adjutant Lanney:

'I hope you will be able to you this myself. But the Council is watchful, and I mean for this information to survive. I was first approached by the reporter, Lilian Issan. I am certain you have heard of her. She had become intrigued by the alliance between Requiem and Arakhn, which she had learned of from her mother. She hoped to be the one to bring the story to the world.'

'I was charmed by her confidence, enough to conceal her interest from my masters. Sadly, the others she approached were not as kind. Lillian Issan has been kidnapped by the Council! In saving her, I hope to redeem my own sorry existence.'

Mission Complete: You were too late to save Adjutant Lanney, but at least you found his last message to you.


Did you say Lillain? Lillian's been kidnapped? This is terrible! We can't abandon our mission, Xamot Der. But one thing is certain: I wont' see Lillian Issan fall victim to the Council!

Get Lillian back


Lillian's been kidnapped. Requiem and Arakhn are conspiring. We still don't have proof of their activities, and a man lost his life trying to help us! I'm glad I have you to rely on in a time like this, Xamot Der. Fortunately, Adjutant Lanney left us a clue to Lillain's location before the Council disposed of him. If we can get her back safe and sound, we can concentrate on exposing the Nictus Alliance.

According to Lanney's note, Arakhn is having Lillian moved to a secret lab for experimentation. I don't mind telling you, I'm deeply concerned for her. If we don't get her back safely, I'm not sure I'll be able to live with myself.

Part 4: Find Lillian Issan (Locate Lillian Issan)
Council base @ Perez Park

This underground lab contains all the equipment Arakhn will need to continue her ghastly Nictus experiments.

Objective: Lillian has programmed the mainframe with the decryption key!

ClueDecryption Key

Though Lillian Issan was moved before you arrived at her prison, she did manage to leave behind a Council decryption key she has uncovered during her investigations.

Mission Complete: You didn't find Lillian, but at least she managed to get the decryption key to you.


That Lillian. Well, I've got to hand it to her: the girl has spirit. The decryption key she left should give us everything we need to translate that list of bases that are part of the Nictus alliance. We're one step closer to exposing Requiem and Arakhn, thanks to her.

Get the data


I've run that list you found through the decryption program Lillian left for us. Xamot Der, the amount of information on that list is staggering! Bases that are part of the Nictus alliance. Front companies for Requiem's financial dealings. Sources for Arakhn's scientific equipment. The list goes on and on! This is exactly the sort of proof we've been looking for, Xamot Der. But there's one more thing for you to do.

According to this list, Requiem kept a lot of his personal mail at a front company Frontline Securities. It seems he didn't fully trust Arakhn, and he wanted to keep a record of their dealings in case she one day betrayed him. Once we expose this list, I'm sure Requiem will crash the place. So if we're ever to get our hands on that data, we have to do it now.

The information at that front company could tell us a lot about the recent activities of the Nictus. It may even tell us where Lillian's been taken!

Part 5: Defeat all at front company (3 files to find)
Office @ Brickstown

This place is in a flurry of activity. It appears Requiem has already learned of your investigations.

Objective: You found some records of Arakhn's correspondence with Requiem.

ClueA chilling missive

You found this disturbing letter while ransacking Requiem's files; It reads:

'My friend:'

'The time of our victory approaches, but there is a regrettable matter I must put before you. The matter is Nosferatu and Vandal. They are powerful allies now, and I think you are right that they will support us against the Center when the time comes, but they are not like us and may waver should they come to know the full extent of our plans. This cannot be allowed. The only solution will be to eliminate them before it comes to that. Eliminate them, or convert them into Nictus.'

'I know that the three of you share a strong camaraderiem and dare I say even friendship, but their power could upset everything. When the time is right, I trust I cna rely on you to perform this most important task. I know you have the strength to perform this most regrettable duty.'

'Your friend and mentor,'


Objective: You found some records of Requiem's private weapons sources. You take them and move on.

Objective: You found some rostors of soldiers within the Galaxy. You take them on.

Objective: When you defeated Archon Kalmer, he snarled, 'The Center has your precious reported now!'

ClueKidnapped again!

When you defeated Archon Kalmer, he snarled:

'The Center has your precious reporter! He will not permit word of his minions' duplicity to reach the public! You will surrender all the evidence you uncovered, or Lillian Issan will die!'

Mission Complete: You have defeated the Council and gained precious information.


You did well, xamot Der. We now have precious information that will help us to thwart Requiem and Arakhn. Of course, that's small consolation for the fact that Lillian is now in the Center's hands! We've got to get her back!

Extract Lillian


The Center has Lillian, and he says he'll kill her if we don't surrender the evidence about Requiem's alliance with Arakhn. I guess he doesn't want the world to know he's been duped. Now, we can't risk Lillian's life. But we do also have an obligation to prevent the danger Requiem and Arakhn post to this planet. In my heart, I know that if we give into the Center now, we'll be compromising our integrity and our ability to defend this world. So, you're going to have to extract Lillian. I don't expect it to be easy; the Center's special guard, the Ascendants, are sure to be there in force. But it's the only way to live up to all our obligations.

I urge you to be most cautious, Xamot Der. Lillian is a very special person.

Part 6: Rescue Lillian Issan
Council base @ Dark Astoria

You'll have to be cautious. If Lillian is killed, you don't know how you can ever face Shadowstar again.

Mission Complete: You rescued Lillian!


From the bottom of my heart, I thank you, Xamot Der. Lillian is safe, and we are free to publish our information about the Nictus alliance. I imagine this will change things within the Council drastically. Most likely for the worse. I hope I can rely on your help in the troubling times ahead. I know there's no one I'd rather have at my side.

We may have a little time yet before one side or the other takes action. You should take this time to improve your powers and find action. You should take this time to improve your powers and find new abilities to better face this maelstorm. With luck, you may be able to reach Security level 40 before events begin to unfold.

Souvenir: Letter from Arakhn

You've kept the hard copy of a letter from Arakhn to Requiem. ordering him to kill his oldest friends. It's a chilling reminder of the time you helped expose:

The Nictus Alliance

It began with an infiltration mission. Although you already knew Requiem and Arakhn were working together. you had no hard evidence. You needed to find something concrete. so you could expose their alliance to the world. you found a list of their assets. but it was well-encrypted.

On a search for the decryption key. you entered another of Requiem's bases. You didn't find the key. but you did find a note from a potential Council defector. He seemed willing to help you tear the Nictus alliance apart.

You went to meet the defector. Adjutant Lanney. but you were too late to save him from his Council brethren. Fortunately. Lanney has the forethought to leave you a note. it explained that he had decided to betray the Council to save the life of Lillian Issan. a bold reporter who had tried to dig too deeply into the Council's affairs. You were appalled. In addition to being a reporter. Lilllian also happened to be Shadowstar's daughter!

You went at once to the lab where Lillian was being held. only to discover that she had already been moved. Luckily. she had left you a message. She had uncovered the Council's latest decryption key. and had left it for you to find. With the key in hand. you were able to translate the entire list of Requiem and Arakhn's assets. which was lengthy and highly detailed.

You were ready to expose the information. but there was one step left. The list revealed one of Requiem's front companies was being used to store various personal documents. including records of his dealings with Arakhn. If you could get your hands on that information. you could unravel many twisted Nictus plots. including. perhaps. the kidnapping of Lillian Issan. You journeyed to the company and found Requiem's troops locked in battle with the loyal servants of the Center. You recovered several incriminating documents. but. alas. Lillian was nowhere to be found. She was in the Center's hands!

The Center had no intention of allowing his failure to control his minions to become public knowledge. He had kidnapped Lillian away from Requiem's men. with the intention of killing her unless you returned all the evidence you had uncovered.

You had no choice but to infiltrate the Center's base and extract Lillian Issan. for you could not make a deal with someone as untrustworthy as the Center. Now. Lillian is safely home with her mother. Shadowstar. The Center is licking his wounds. And Arakhn and Requiem are gearing up for the biggest showdown the Council has seen in quite some time.

When this hits. it's going to be big. You were strongly encouraged to increase your own power to match the threats you'll soon face. and were encouraged to return when you'd been tested at around Stature level 40.

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