Kheldian Story ArcWinslowe and the Cosmotron


Mission Index

  1. Defeat Lt. Phineas & his men (Sky Raiders,Council)
  2. Defeat all foes on cargo ship
  3. Recover the Cosmotron
  4. Rescue Dr. Winslowe
  5. Secure the Cosmotron
  6. Defeat Swann & his men

Stop the Sky Raider attack and talk to Dr. Winslowe


The police are reporting a Sky Raider attack in progress that I think you should know about. The Sky Raiders are attacking Paradyne Labs, a research firm that's supposed to be on the verge of some major announcement about a new energy system created by a Dr. Winslowe. The attack alone is enough to draw attention, but some records captured from Council research labs indicate that Paradyne might have been getting some of its funding from the Council through back channels. The attack must be stopped, but this could also be a chance to discover why the Council's interested in Paradyne and Dr. Winslowe's energy system.

The Sky Raiders can be very dangerous. They will likely have taken hostages, and may have planted bombs to delay your progress while they accomplish their goals.

There's one more thing you should know about. A Peacebringer has disappeared. We don't think she's gone renegade, but we don't have any clues to what may have happened to her. It could be the Circle of Thorns, the Council, or another threat we don't know about. So be careful, and stay focused.

Part 1: Defeat Lt. Phineas & his men (4 bombs left, Find 2 hostages)
Laboratory @ Talos Island (Sky Raiders,Council)

Paradyne labs has been preparing for a big announcement lately. No doubt that's what drew the attention of the Sky Raiders.

Objective: You found a lab pass card

ClueEntry pass card

This pass card should get you into the lab's main facilities.

Objective: You found a lab pass card

ClueSecurity pass card

This pass card should get you into the lab's secured section.

Objective: Though Dr. Winslowe and his machine are gone, you did find a combat plan on LT. Phineas

ClueRaid Time Table

You found this time table on Lt. Phineas during the attack on Paradyne labs. According to what's been checked off, the Sky Raiders have already taken Dr. Winslowe and a device called the 'Cosmotron'. There may be enough information on here to piece together where the Raiders have taken them.

Mission Complete: You saved Paradyne Labs, but the Sky Raiders had already absconded with Dr. Winslowe and his device.


While the Sky Raiders did get away with Winslowe, you stopped the attack on the lab and saved the lives of many people. The information you found on Lt. Phineas should help locate where the Sky Raiders are keeping Winslowe and his machine. I have a feeling that this is the beginning of something big.

Strike Sky Raider fall-back point to rescue Dr. Winslowe


We've been able to pinpoint the location of the Sky Raider's fall-back point using the information you discovered in the Sky Raider attack on Paradyne labs. We think that they're lying low there until they can get Dr. Winslowe and his device out of the country. The Sky Raiders aren't going to give him and his machine up without a fight, but this could be the last chance to save Dr. Winslowe and get his machine out of the Sky Raider's hands.

The Sky Raiders have taken over a cargo ship in Talos Island. You'll need to defeat all the enemies on that vessel to secure it. Dr. Winslowe and his machine should be aboard, unless something else has gone wrong.

Part 2: Defeat all foes on cargo ship (Rescue Dr. Winslowe)
Boat @ Talos Island

The Sky Raiders are known to use cargo ships as forward bases, often without the owner's knowledge.

Objective: You found some orders on one of the defeated Council soldiers.

ClueSigned orders

These orders are from a Council base on Striga Island. They tell this unit of Council troops to secure Dr. Winslowe and his machine at all costs. There's an additional note in beautiful cursive letters written on the orders.

Brave soldiers of the Council,

Know that this mission is of particular import to me. Should you succeed in capturing Dr. Winslowe alive and delivering him to me, you will all be well rewarded. But if he should perish, then I shall be gravely disappointed. It is important that we convince the good Doctor to tell us why Requiem has been so interested in his research. Who knows what that pompous egomaniac has been up to without proper guidance all these years.

Mission Complete: You rescued Dr. Winslowe, but the Sky Raiders escaped with the Cosmotron in the chaos of the three way battle with the Council.

Clue'It could bring limitless destruction'

After you rescued him, Dr. Winslowe told you:

'You must listen! They still have my machine, the Cosmotron! I had no idea that any of the money was coming from the Council, or I never would have gone to the prototype phase. The thought of all that power in the wrong hands shakes me to the core.

The Cosmotron works using advanced applications of M-Theory, tapping the vibrations of the 10th-dimensional membrane of our universe to derive limitless clean power. It will change the world! But in the wrong hands, it could bring limitless destruction.

The Cosmotron must be recovered!


Dr. Winslowe is safe, but that may be the least of our worries. If what he says about this 'Cosmotron' is true, then it could change the world if used responsibly. In the wrong hands, it might enslave the world or destroy it. We've had a Warshade go missing and I was going to ask you to look into the disappearance, but I think this takes priority.

Recover the Cosmotron from the Sky Raider auction


We have discovered that the Sky Raiders are planning to sell the Cosmotron to the highest bidder. This will attract gangs and villain organizations from all over the city, but it's imperative that none of them end up with the Cosmotron. From what we know, there will be representatives from the Freakshow, the Family, the Warriors, the Council, and of course the Sky Raiders all there. It's dangerous, but we need you to go in and try to get the Cosmotron before one of those groups walks away with it.

You'll have to locate the Cosmotron and defeat whoever is guarding it. Then get out of there alive. We've lost contact with several more Peacebringers and Warshades, and neither of us wants to lose any more people.

Part 3: Recover the Cosmotron (Find the Cosmotron)
Warehouse @ Talos Island

It's likely the true owners of this warehouse are blissfully unaware of what it's being used for right now.

Objective: This crate has been emptied! The Cosmotron is gone!


When you opened the crate, you found that the Cosmotron had already been taken. However, a brass insignia from a Council Cor Leonis trooper that had fallen inside the crate gives you a good idea who now has the device.

Objective: You found some orders on the defeated Penumbra Elite Archon

ClueSealed orders

You found these orders on a defeated Council Lycanthrope. 'Your goal is the recovery of Dr. Winslowe's device, the Cosmotron. As your unit is comprised of men who have been with me even before we returned to the Council, I have every confidence you will return the Cosmotron to me. The recent disappearances among Nictus toadies of Arakhn's makes me think that my theories are correct.

Of course, if the way to the regroup point is blocked by heroic action, then take the device to Striga and deliver it to the Center's troops. He can be trusted with it's care until we can recommence our research.

Mission Complete: By the time you had gotten there, the Council had finally absconded with the Cosmotron. But there was worse news to come.


The Council has the Cosmotron, but it gets worse. While you were fighting them to try and recover it, another Council squad kidnapped Professor Winslowe. We believe that they're taking him to Striga Island. The Council now had both the Doctor and his device, but they haven't won yet.

Rescue Dr. Winslowe on Striga Island


The Council now has both Doctor Winslowe and his device, but from what we've been able to track, it seems that they're not being held in the same place. It's as if the Council troops who took the Doctor and the troops that took the Cosmotron aren't communicating with each other. That's bad for them, but good for us. It should make getting both to safety much easier. The first step is going to be rescuing Dr. Winslowe on Striga Island.

We know where Dr. Winslowe is being held. Your main objective will be to free him from his captors. Hopefully, they won't be expecting a rescue attempt so soon.

Part 4: Rescue Dr. Winslowe (Rescue Dr. Winslowe)
Council base @ Striga Isle

Dr. Winslowe seems to have an affinity for getting in trouble. Hopefully it won't be the end of him.

Objective: You found an email on this computer

ClueA copied email

This piece of email is addressed to Arakhn, but seems to have been copied surreptitiously. This kind of spying is common among the Council. The letter reads:

'My Dear Arakhn,

Something has been brought before me that I can no longer ignore. This spat between you and Requiem seems to be flaring up again over this device, and others are noticing. Arakhn, how long have we known each other? I still remember when I first saw you back in 1926 when I tried to get you to join us. I still remember the many long talks we'd share, sipping wine late into the night. And I also remember when Requiem first appeared, and this fight between you first started. You have not aged a day my sweet friend, but I have grown old, Arakhn, and even my patience wears thin. You are both Nictus. Can you not, as a favor to your oldest friend, as your duty to your own best interest, just stop fighting each other? Maestro has not been the only one to express displeasure at this bickering, and though I treasure our friendship, do not think that I won't take over this operation if you two can't work together.

-The Center'

From the looks of things, whoever copied this email also forwarded it to another address.

Mission Complete: You rescued Dr. Winslowe and discovered, as he had, the terrible truth about the Cosmotron.

Clue'What have I made?'

When you rescued him, an overwrought Dr. Winslowe told you:

'You have to tell them I'm sorry. I had no idea! No idea what it was really doing! I was so horribly wrong, but it seemed to be working. The Cosmotron was drawing power, but I was wrong about the source! My calculations were off, but I just accepted the result. What have I done?

The Cosmotron!

It's not drawing power from the Universe! It's drawing power from you! From all the Kheldians! It's tapping into your cosmic linkages and sucking the life out of you! I've been over the readings! It's already swallowed some poor souls whole. Now the Council wants to tune it, make it into a weapon.

These majestic visitors from the universe are being eaten alive in the cosmic maw of my own creation! What have I done? What have I done?


Dr. Winslowe is safe and back in the city, and he's told us everything. I can't believe it. All the missing haven't been kidnapped, they were consumed during test runs of the Cosmotron. If the Council can find a way to tune it and make it a weapon, then it could be the end for us all.

Recover the Cosmotron during the Sky Raider attack.


We've had another break, but it's not necessarily lucky. An undercover police officer working the Sky Raider beat may have uncovered the location of the Cosmotron. Unfortunately, the Sky Raiders are being paid to attack and recover it. We have the location on Striga Island, and the time that they plan to make the attack. If you can infiltrate the Council base where the Cosmotron is being held and recover it during the chaos of battle, we may be able to put an end to this once and for all.

From what we now know, Dr. Winslowe's Cosmotron could be the biggest threat to our people since the Nictus themselves. In order to stop it, you will need to recover the device, defeat the leaders of the base where it was kept, and check the Council network to see what they know about it.

Part 5: Secure the Cosmotron (6 Computers to check, Find the Cosmotron)
Council base @ Striga Isle

The halls of this base echo with gunfire and explosions. The battle has already begun.

Objective: This computer had no useful information

Objective: You found an intercepted email on this laptop

ClueA forwarded email

This piece of email was addressed to Requiem, but it seems that it was forwarded to an account on this computer surreptitiously. This kind of spying is common among the Council's upper echelons. It reads:


I had hoped that I would not have to speak with you about this. I had hoped that working on your own, as the head of your own organization for so many years would have helped. But I cannot ignore the constant in-fighting between you and Arakhn any longer. It has jeopardized the entire operation with Dr. Winslowe's device, and several within the Council have noticed it. I know that you are unhappy under Arakhn's command, but I also know that you understand the political necessity of it. There are many who do not trust you and who have never trusted you just because of their fear of the Nictus, but I am not among their number and will not be among their number unless you force me. Remember that I was the one who funded your old organization. If the only repayment I received was that you and Arakhn could learn to work together, I would be more than satisfied.

-The Center'

It appears that this message was forwarded on to another person as well, but you have no clue who.

Objective: You found something about the Cosmotron

ClueA report on the Cosmotron

You found this report on Dr. Winslowe's Cosmotron, written by Archon Swann to another party within the Council. In the report, Swann confirms that the Cosmotron could probably be turned into a weapon. Swann even proposes a much larger version of it that could wipe out all the Kheldians on earth within minutes. Interestingly, this report was only ever sent to one other person. It's not linked to the Council's database. It's almost as if this Archon Swann wanted to keep the report confidential.

Objective: The Cosmotron has been disassembled and studied.

ClueThe Cosmotron, disassembled

The parts in these boxes once made up the Cosmotron. Now the deadly device has been taken apart and thoroughly examined. The Council surely understand how to build one of their own.

Mission Complete: You recovered the original Cosmotron, but discovered that the Council now has the ability to make one themselves!


You've recovered the Cosmotron, and that was very good work. Unfortunately, now that the Council's studied it, we're still not safe. From the look of the report, though, that information may have been contained within a small faction of the Council. That could help us out a great deal. We have a plan, but it's going to be dangerous. We're almost ready to go for the end game, and we're going to need your help to do it.

Corrupt the Council's Cosmotron files and save Dr. Winslowe from his own foolishness.


We had a plan to handle the fact that some faction within the Council now has the plans for the Cosmotron, but there's been a problem. SERAPH has been able to develop a computer worm that can track down all references to the Cosmotron in the Council's databases, and change them just enough so that they won't be able to build a working one. The plan was to send you in to use the program at the base the Sky Raiders had been ordered to deliver the Cosmotron to. At least, that was the plan until Dr. Winslowe decided to take matters into his own hands. He's gone to Striga to try and fix it himself. You'll have to save him before he gets himself killed.

Your three objectives are to get Dr. Winslowe out alive, to infect the Council computers with the virus, and to defeat Archon Swann, so he can't spread what he knows.

Dr. Winslowe is still overcome with guilt and shame for the deaths he unknowingly caused. While it is true that we would be safer if he were to perish along with his invention, I know that his family needs him. Sometimes we have to sacrifice our safety to do the right thing. That's why we are Peacebringers and Warshades, and not Nictus.

Part 6: Defeat Swann & his men (Save Winslowe, 4 computers left)
Council base @ Striga Isle

The threat of the Cosmotron will end here and now.

Objective: You ran the program on the disk, and it instantly did its work.

Objective: You have defeated Archon Swann. He had some menacing words after the battle.

Clue'We have more plans. Just wait.'

After you defeated Archon Swann, he sneered the following hate-filled words at you:

'Don't think this is the end of it. We know all about you Kheldians. We know the truth, and we won't let any of you win. The Center may not see it, but we won't let that old fool stand in the way. We'll drive the Nictus from the Council, and then we'll drive all of you to extinction. The Cosmotron was nice, but we already have other inventions in the works. We have more plans. Just wait. You'll never know when the end will come.'

Mission Complete: You have brought an end to the threat of the Cosmotron, and got Dr. Winslowe home safely.


The threat of the Cosmotron is over. Dr. Winslowe has apologized to the families of the Kheldians accidentally slain by the device, and is trying to make amends as best he can. There are still a number of questions, though. Swann mentioned that there were others within the Council that were out to purge both Arakhn's and Requiem's factions, and we weren't too much further down their list. What are their plans? We may have to wait until another clue comes our way to find out and unravel this new mystery.

You should seek to improve your already considerable skills until then. Talk to me again when you're around level 25. I have a feeling that by the time you reach that point, we'll be ready for the next step.

Souvenir: A Piece of the Cosmotron

This strange piece of polished metal is all that remains of a device that caused a great deal of conflict. It reminds you of the case of a man who meant to help the world. and a machine he made which unknowingly threatened every Kheldian and Nictus on Earth in a case you call:

Winslowe and the Cosmotron.

When the Sky Raiders attacked Paradyne labs on the eve of a major new announcement. it drew your attention. There had long been rumours that the council was secretly funding the research of a Dr. Winslowe. and now Winslowe and his new invention were the targets of the Sky Raider attack. Though the Sky Raiders did escape with Dr. Winslowe and his device. you stopped them from blowing up the building to cover their tracks. You were also warned that a Peacebringer had recently disappeared. so you needed to be careful.

You pursued the Sky Raiders to a Cargo ship where they'd hidden themselves after the raid. You were able to rescue Dr. Winslowe. who told you about the amazing device he'd built. the Cosmotron: A machine capable of tapping the inherent energy of the cosmos to provide limitless clean power. He knew nothing about secret Council funding. and was horrified at the idea of his invention's power in their hands. The Sky Raiders still had the Cosmotron. but you were getting close. There was also a report of a Warshade who'd gone missing. but Winslowe and the Cosmotron seemed a higher priority.

The Sky Raiders attempted to sell the Cosmotron to the highest bidder. drawing gangs and villains from all over the city. You crashed the auction. but in the confusion. Council agents made off with the device. When you got back. you found out that another Council team had kidnapped the Professor as well!

You went to Striga Isle and broke Dr. Winslowe free from the Council. He told you the awful truth he'd learned: His device wasn't tapping a cosmic power source. but was actually draining energy from Kheldians and Nictus! Some had even been drawn into the device and consumed! You also learned that different Council factions were fighting over Winslowe and the Cosmotron. Arakhn and Requiem were both fighting over it. but there seemed evidence of a third faction at work as well.

A lucky break revealed where the Council was keeping the Cosmotron. but only because the Sky Raiders were going to try and streal it back! You fought through the chaos. and found that a mysterious faction within the Council had already disassembled the device for study. What's more. they were planning on biulding a massive version of it to destroy all Kheldians on Earth. including the Nictus!

A quick plan was put together. SERAPH still had working codes to the Council computer network. and the information about teh Cosmotron had been confined to the anti-Kheldian conspirators within the Council. By using the computer worm. that information could be wpied out. Dr. Winslowe. overcome by grief at what he'd made. tried to do it himself. but was captured. You rescued the Doctro. and ran the program from inside a Council base. Archon Swann. the madman in charge of the Cosmotron affair. warned you that there were more like him who wanted to see all the Kheldians and Nictus on Earth purged. and that they still had further plans.

The Investigation may take some time. and you were encouraged to improve your powers in the mean time. The next phase of the investigation should be ready when you're around Security Level 25.

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