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Level Name Additional Information
20 - 20 HeroMinor Story Arc Heracles - Shut the Council down Stephanie Peebles (Striga Isle)
20 - 20 HeroStory Arc The Wheel of Destruction - Stop the warriors from stealing the museum's artifacts FlashBackOliver Hoak (Talos Island)Hub of the Wheel of Destruction
25 - 25 VillainOther The Book, the Circle & the Warriors - Steal a book from the Legacy Chain Diviner Maros (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 HeroAccomplishment Badge The Redemption of Alexander 'the Great' - Go talk with Alexander, and do whatever you can to bring him into protective custody FlashBackLaurie Pennington (Independence Port)Redeemer



This tough Warrior has stolen Stephanie Peebles' wedding band. It would mean a lot to her if you could get it back.

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