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Trolls. The very word conjures an image of mythic monsters from Scandinavia. No gang is more feared in the Hollows than the Trolls of Paragon City. They are the “boogie men” that parents use to frighten their children away from the temptation of drugs and life on the street. The Trolls are a focus of Paragon’s urban myths, like New York’s sewer alligators or Miami’s Bloody Mary. Some stories say the Trolls are a deformed offshoot of humans, while a few others believe the Rikti were somehow behind them, long seeding the world with mutagenic drugs. The real story is even darker.

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
5 - 5 HeroMinor Story Arc Flux the Outcast - Arrest some Outcasts FlashBackFlux ('The Hollows')
5 - 5 HeroMinor Story Arc Officer Wincott vs. the Trolls - Hit the streets and put the hurt on the Outcasts FlashBackDavid Wincott ('The Hollows')
10 - 10 HeroMinor Story Arc Julius the Kind Hearted Troll - Take on a few Trolls FlashBackJulius the Troll ('The Hollows')
10 - 10 VillainPCPD Security Detail Skyway City Security Detail - Talk to the Skyway City Security Chief Athena Currie (Steel Canyon)Tristan Caine (Skyway City)Hugo Redding (Steel Canyon)Lorenzo DiCosta (Skyway City)Wilson Zucco (Steel Canyon)
10 - 10 HeroTEST Dave's Test - Test
12 - 12 HeroTrial The Cavern of Transcendence - Agree to form a task force Karsis ('The Hollows')TranscendentBadge of Honor
15 - 15 VillainMayhem Mission Rob Skyway City Bank - Rob Skyway City Bank Boris the Russian (Cap au Diable)Road Raged
15 - 15 HeroOther The Dance Party - Stop the Trolls from hitting the party Wyatt Anderson (Steel Canyon)
15 - 15 HeroOther The Troll's Contest of Strength - Break up the Trolls' contest of strength Wyatt Anderson (Steel Canyon)
15 - 15 HeroStory Arc The Tsoo Shenanigans - Pick up the Tsoo data from Juliana Nehring FlashBackThao Ku (Skyway City)Rage ampoule
15 - 15 HeroOther Troll Assaults in Boomtown - Go to Boomtown and make sure the Trolls know you won't stand for assaults on citizens Wyatt Anderson (Steel Canyon)
15 - 15 HeroOther Troll Rampage in Skyway City - Go to Skyway City and stop the Troll rampages Wyatt Anderson (Steel Canyon)
15 - 15 HeroOther Troll Thieving - Hit the streets and show the Trolls you won't tolerate their thieving Wyatt Anderson (Steel Canyon)



Leadership within the Trolls is determined largely based on a never-ending game of King of the Hill. The fearsome Atta won his position by defeating seven of the Troll's former leaders in combat, mortaly wounding three of them. Since that day, many Trolls have tried to dethrone him, but none have yet succeeded.

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