Slag Golems

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Stories featuring this faction

Level Name Additional Information
23 - 23 VillainAccomplishment Badge Retrieve the shipment for Crash - See what Crash wants Vince Dubrowski (Sharkhead Isle)Slag Reaper
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc Forging the Blackwand - Retrieve Abyssal Tome from Legacy Chain FlashBackArchmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)Ancient Mu Relic
25 - 25 VillainOther Harvest coral shards from Slag Golems - Harvest coral shards from Slag Golems Archmage Tarixus (Sharkhead Isle)
25 - 25 VillainStory Arc The Cult of the Shaper - Get Coral for Maros' plans FlashBackDiviner Maros (Sharkhead Isle)A Fragment of red coral crystal


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