Invention Pools

Blueprint pool information collected and kept up to date by Brev.


Blueprints in Pool D

Complete a Trial (via reward window)

RareTouch of Death: Dam/End/Rech25-40
RareDecimation: Dam/End/Rech25-40
RareMako's Bite: Acc/End/Rech30-53
RareDevastation: Acc/End/Rech30-53
RareSting of the Manticore: Dam/Int/Rech35-53
RareSovereign Right: Acc/Dam/End25-53
RareLuck of the Gambler: Def/End/Rech25-53
RareAegis: End/Rech/Res25-53
RareNumina's Convalesence: End/Heal/Rech30-53

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