Julius the Troll

Julius the Troll

  • Disgruntled Troll
  • Level 10 to 15
  • 'The Hollows'
Julius is the smallest and most disgruntled Troll in Paragon City. Referred to as 'Runt' by many of his fellow gang members, Julius has had to find a purpose for himself that's not tied up in the drug culture of the Trolls. He's found that purpose in the reclamation of the Hollows. Julius wants to see the area restored to its natural state, and he's willing to sell out his comrades to make it happen. Heroes have occasionally reported seeing a faint glimmer of intelligence buried within Julius' Superadine-addled mind. If a cure for the Trolls' mutations could be found, it's possible that Julius would have a lot of potential to live up to.

Level Name Additional Information
10 - 10 HeroMinor Story Arc Julius the Kind Hearted Troll - Take on a few Trolls FlashBackJulius the Troll ('The Hollows')

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