Arbiter Daos

Arbiter Daos

  • Arachnos Arbiter
  • Level 40 to 45
  • Grandville
Arbiter Daos is perhaps the most humorless man to ever walk the Rogue Isles. A devout servant of Arachnos, Daos is not loathe to take advantage of the impunity his position provides him. He often investigates groups and activities that, strictly speaking, like outside his purview, but he does so in the knowledge that, whatever his reasons, Arachnos will stand beside him.

Level Name Additional Information
40 - 40 VillainMinor Story Arc 1. Breaking Knives - Stop the Knives' assault Arbiter Daos (Grandville)Sister Isis' goggles
40 - 40 VillainMinor Story Arc 2. Absolute Vengeance - Track down the Scorpion Gang Arbiter Daos (Grandville)Agent Deathstalker's hat

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