Operative Rutger

Operative Rutger

  • Arachnos Operative
  • Level 30 to 35
  • Nerva Archipelago
Operative Rutger is charged with dealing with vigilante threats on Nerva Archipelago. The last three operatives to occupy his position disappeared under mysteriuos circumstances; consequently, Operatie Rutger is determined to do a good job. his network of information gatherers is without peer, and he's dedicated to working with only the smartest, most bloodthirsty villains the Rogue Isles have to offer.

Level Name Additional Information
30 - 30 VillainOther Extract Desert Adder Operative Rutger (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 30 VillainOther Implicate Operative Vargas Operative Rutger (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 30 VillainStory Arc Into Valhalla - Interrogate Longbow agents FlashBackOperative Rutger (Nerva Archipelago)Infernal's Axe
30 - 30 VillainOther Kidnap Agent Wilder Operative Rutger (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 30 VillainMinor Story Arc Snuffing the Light - Invade a Longbow base Operative Rutger (Nerva Archipelago)Luminary's schematics
30 - 30 VillainOther The Fledgling Hero Operative Rutger (Nerva Archipelago)
30 - 30 VillainOther White Lightning, the traitor Operative Rutger (Nerva Archipelago)

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