Willie Wheeler

Willie Wheeler

  • Street Fixer
  • Level 15 to 20
  • Cap au Diable
Everyone has heard about Willie 'Dealer' Wheeler. He's the guy who wants to hit it big, but hasn't -- he's a little man with a big chip on this shoulder.

Lately, however, things have been different. Apparently, Willy's got a new source with hot tips. Who knows? maybe Willy has finally hit the big time.

Level Name Additional Information
15 - 15 VillainMinor Story Arc 1. There's a Sucker Born Every Minute - Free Willy's source from Arachnos Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)Lollipop
15 - 15 VillainOther 2. Discipline the Circle of Thorns - Discipline the Circle Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)
15 - 15 VillainOther 3. Blow up the Arachnos Base - Plant bombs in Arachnos base Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)
15 - 15 VillainAccomplishment Badge 4. Take Down the Arachnos base in Paragon City - Defeat all Arachnos personnel Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)Paragon of Vice
15 - 15 VillainOther 5. The Altar of Dryzzgor - Destroy Altar & Guardians Willie Wheeler (Cap au Diable)

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