Peter Themari

Peter Themari

  • Reprobate
  • Level 10 to 15
  • Cap au Diable
Some say Peter Themari is a demon in human form. Whether that's true or not, most of the people he knows agree that he's a horrible person. And most of the people he knows are villains. Themari loves the Rogue Isles because they let him indulge his every depredation. He looks on the islands as his own personal hunting ground, and passionately hates anyone who would dare to bring justice to them.

Level Name Additional Information
10 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc 1. Breaking Bows - Put a stop to Longbow's incursion Peter Themari (Cap au Diable)Olivia Darque's Ring
10 - 10 VillainMinor Story Arc 2. Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge - Turn Pyriss into a villain Peter Themari (Cap au Diable)A lock of Pyriss' hair

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