Minor Story ArcThe Council Turncoat


Mission Index

  1. Confiscate Council supplies
  2. Clear the Wolf's Throat
  3. Disrupt Council defenses
  4. Infiltrate communications hub
  5. Interrogate patrols inside base
  6. Defeat base commander & his men
  7. Speak to Ernesto Hess
  8. Confirm build up in Morass (Council)

Seek hidden Council supply depots

Lars Hansen

Until we can figure out what the Council is planning, we'd better try to limit their capabilities. I wan tyou to head into the bog and see if you can locate any Council supply depots hidden among the weeds. If you do, take them out.

Anything you can learn about the Council's plans will be valuable.

Part 2: Confiscate Council supplies (5 supply crates to confiscate)
Council base @ Striga Isle

The floor bears many recent tracks; it seems the Council's supply masters have been working overtime.

Mission Complete: You have confiscated the Council's supplies.

Lars Hansen

From your description, I'd say we should prepare for the worst. It looks as though the Council is getting ready for something big.

You should keep some of these supplies you found. These grenades, for instance. I'll bet they'll come in handy.

Clear the Wolf's Throat

Lars Hansen

Do you know of the secret tunnel that leads to the Council's innermost reaches? The locals have taken to calling it the Wolf's Throat. It'll be a dangerous task, but i'd like you to clear the Wolf's Throat, Red Tomax. We need to keep a closer eye on the Council, and the Throat is the best access point.

I wouldn't go in there alone, Red Tomax. Not if I were you.

Part 3: Clear the Wolf's Throat (Defeat 10 Council)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: You have lowered the Council's presence in the Wolf's Throat.

Lars Hansen

I'm glad to see you made it back in one piece. The Wolf's Thrat is a dangerous piece of territory, Red Tomax. Of course, it's nothing compared to the Council base itself.

Take out three turrets

Lars Hansen

I'd like to send you into the Council's main facility in Striga, but first you'll need to take out some of their perimeter defenses first. That should disorient them, and make it easier for you to slip inside. You think you could take out three of the turrets protecting the Council from heroes like you?

Those things are dangerous, Red Tomax. I'd take some friends with you, if I were you.

Part 4: Disrupt Council defenses (Destroy three turrets)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: You decreased the Council's base defenses.

Lars Hansen

Good work, Red Tomax. Good work indeed. You've lowered the Council's defenses and perhaps even frightened them/ They've learned that their precious Mount Richardson isn't impregnable at all. Not to the likes of Red Tomax!

Infiltrate the Council communications hub

Lars Hansen

All the signs point to a massive Council strike in the works, but we've got no details whatsoever. Fortunately, I've located a Council base hat has been operating as a communications hub for the last several months. If you can infiltrate that base, I'm sure we can learn something. In fact, we may learn more than we want to know.

The Council's secrets are dark ones, Red Tomax. It's up to us to bring them to light.

Part 5: Infiltrate communications hub (Seek info on Council plot)
Council base @ Striga Isle

This base is deadly quiet.

Objective: You found a list of the Council's current ciphers.

Objective: You found a map of Family assets on Striga Isle.

Objective: You found evidence that several city politicians have been compromised.

Objective: You found dossiers on several heroes, including yourself.

Objective: You found an intriguing memo.

ClueAn intriguing memo

This memo, found in a Council base, reads:

'My new creation is so great, it would dwarf Atlas himself!'

It is signed, 'Archon Jonathan Burkholder.'

Mission Complete: You found some information on the Council plot.

Lars Hansen

Looks like you found what you were looking for, and more. I'll get some of this information over to some people I know in Paragon City; they'll know what to do with it. As for that memo from Archon Burkholder, well, that's what's got me really concerned.

You see, Jon Burkholder, he's a madman. They say he's obsessed with robotics to a dangerous degree. He was part of the old regime that was subsumed into the Council when the Center decided to extend his power. Burkholder managed to keep his position, but no one knows how he did it. Knowing the Council as I do, I have to assume it was through some extreme measures of devotion to his new leaders.

Take on patrols inside Mount Richardson base

Lars Hansen

Ok, Red Tomax, you've done the prep work, now the real task is ahead. Youv'e got to go into the Mount Richardson base itself! I need info, kid, and I hope you can find it. Take on some of the patrols inside the base and see if you can learn anything about this plan of Archon burkholder's.

I don't expect this task to be a cake walk, and neither should you. Go prepared, and don't go alone.

Part 6: Interrogate patrols inside base (Defeat 15 Council)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: You have found some written orders on one of the Council agents.

ClueCouncil orders

These orders, found on a Council agent, read:

'The extra parts are to be delivered to Archon Burkholder's base of operations.'

There is also a set of coordinates.

Part 7: Defeat base commander & his men
Council base @ Striga Isle

A klaxon blares. Your entry has already been noted.

Mission Complete: After defeating Archon Parson, you found a note in your pocket.

ClueA strange note

You found this note in your pocket after infiltrating Archon Burkholder's base. Although you can't say for sure who placed it there, you're intrigued by the message:

'I have info for you, if you are brave enough to come for it. I have served the Council for years, but now I'm ready to help you tear it down.'

It is signed Ernesto Hess.

Lars Hansen

Well, you didn't nab Burkholder, but that note you found may be the key to catching him. We may have to make a call on this Ernesto Hess. But take my advice, Red Tomax: don't trust this man too far. He says he's been working with the Council for years; that mean he's done some pretty wicked things. Listen to him, but be on your guard.

Speak to Ernesto Hess

Lars Hansen

That note you found has got me wondering. Who is this Ernesto Hess? Why does he want to betray the Council, if he's truly served in it for years? I don't understand any of this, but I think we have to take the chance that he's telling the truth. Will you go speak to this Ernesto Hess?

Hess may be leading you into a trap. Be prepared.

Part 8: Speak to Ernesto Hess
Delivery @ Striga Isle
Ernesto Hess

So, you don't know whether to believe me, huh? Guess I can't blame you. But you're going to have to make a decision: either you trust me, or you don't. Either way, I'll take care of myself.

Lars Hansen

Well, I still don't know about this Hess character. I guess he's right though: you have to decide whether you can work with him or not.

Confirm Zenith Mech Man presence

Lars Hansen

I've heard reports that the Council is stepping up production of it's Zenith Mech Men. If this is true, it could mean that they're getting up for a major offensive. I need you to go to the Bonny Morass, where the Council keeps many of it's Mech men on patrol. See if you can confirm the existence of an unusual number of Zenith Mech Men. While you're there, see if you can think out the Council presence a little.

I'm getting worried about the Council, Red Tomax. All signs point to a possible plot in the works.

Part 1: Confirm build up in Morass (Defeat 25 Council)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle (Council)

Mission Complete: You have confirmed the Council's build up in the Bonny Morass.

Lars Hansen

So it's true. The Council is cementing their grip on the Bonny Morass and all of the Striga Isle. Something wicked is afoot, Red Tomax. I only hope we can figure out what.


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