Kheldian Story ArcWar and the Peacebringers


Mission Index

  1. Talk to Shadowstar (Circle of Thorns)
  2. Defeat Circle for information
  3. Defeat Aoech & cronies
  4. Defeat all Council in base
  5. Bring Moonbow home
  6. Capture the Renegades
  7. Warn Shadowstar
  8. Defeat Lightburner & cronies

Talk to Shadowstar about the recent disappearances


Cosmic Parity, I'm glad to see you. With all that's happened, I thought that maybe you'd become a victim as well. You see, several other Peacebringers have disappeared in the last few days, and I don't know what might have happened to them. I'm almost out of leads, but I was thinking about another recent case, and it gives me an idea. One of Shadowstar's Warshades was abducted and then recovered from the Circle of Thorns. These incidents might be related. Could you talk to Shadowstar and get the details of that incident?

We Peacebringers have made a lot of enemies here, but the Warshades aren't among them. If Shadowstar knows anything that can help, she's sure to tell us.

And take this. It's a list of the missing Peacebringers, and when they were last seen. You should familiarize yourself with it. It may help out.

ClueThe Missing Kheldians

This dossier has the names of the four missing Peacebringers.

Last seen investigating the Circle of Thorns by himself. Never reported back to his contact. Investigation was inconclusive.

Last seen during a raid on a Vahzilok facility. Teammates say he went to search for a captive and disappeared. Investigation was inconclusive.

Last seen hunting Council squads in Boomtown. Teammates report that she simply dropped off of their radar and they never saw her again. Report was inconclusive.

Last seen by Ms. Liberty after achieving a new security level. Investigation was inconclusive.

Part 1: Talk to Shadowstar
Delivery @ Atlas Park (Circle of Thorns)

I was told you were coming, Cosmic Parity, and I am glad to see you have arrived safely. One of our number was abducted recently, but we were able to find those responsible and recover the victim. The Circle of Thorns captured one of our number called Shadowcatcher, and sought to divine the secrets of Kheldian integration by splitting him back into his human and Kheldian components. Both the human and Kheldian parts of Shadowcatcher were rescued, and are even now learning to re-integrate, so we thought that this was ended. However, I have learned that the leader of the project, a mystic called 'Researcher Aoech', has escaped. He may be trying to start his experiments again. I suggest that you seek out members of the Circle of Thorns, and pry Aeoch's location from them.

Thank you for coming to speak with us, Cosmic Parity. I hope you find your missing ones.

Part 2: Defeat Circle for information (Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat X @ Any

Mission Complete: One of the defeated Circle cultists was willing to tell you all that you wanted to know.

ClueA cultist's confession

After you defeated them, one of the Circle cultists buckled and told you:

'I'll tell you where to find Aeoch! After he escaped from Ziggursky, he made it back to the city below. Our home, Oranbega. He's there now, preparing his reports for his masters. I'll tell you where to go, but all you'll find there is your death.'

Disturbing though his words were, the cultists directions seem to be legitimate.


It's no guarantee, but this Aoech might be the right place to start. I'm putting this part of the investigation into your hands, Cosmic Parity. I know you won't let me down.

Defeat Aoech & cronies


The information you found about this 'Researcher Aeoch' of the Circle of Thorns and his experiments on Warshades make him a prime suspect in the disappearance of our fellow Peacebringers. You have his location, the job now is to bring him in.

Aoech is certain to be well guarded, and is likely not a pushover even on is own. Be careful, Cosmic Parity. We don't want to lose any more people today.

Part 3: Defeat Aoech & cronies
Oranbega @ 'The Hollows'

You followed the cultist's instructions until ancient caves gace way to monolithic stones older still.

Objective: After his defeat, Aeoch told you what you wanted to know.

Clue'It was not I, but...'

After you defeated him, the Circle of Thorns mystic called Aeoch told you:

'I'm sorry to disappoint you, Cosmic Parity. I have nothing to do with your missing Peacebringers. Our research is concluded. We had hoped to learn more about how you creatures integrate with humans, and those experiments are complete. So it was not I, but I might know something that can help you.'

'Shortly before you arrived we were visited by a representative from the Council who sought any information about Warshade organization and movements we might have gleaned. He was insufferable in his demands and we gave him nothing in return, but he was here under Requiem's protection, so we allowed him to leave alive to avoid a conflict. We did, however, dispatch a spirit to follow him. I'll tell you where to go. I have no doubt that this calamity I find myself in somehow is his fault. His name was Lt. Morely, by the way. Tell him I said hello.'

Mission Complete: You defeated Aeoch and clobbered his cronies.


I don't like to take the word of a criminal cultist at face value, but this is still a lead, Cosmic Parity. We know the Council are interested in us, and thy are at the to of the list of suspects. Aeoch's visitor might know something. I'll see if I can confirm any of this information before you go in. I don't want to lose any more people.

Take out the Council base and search it for information


I've checked Aeoch's information out with some of my contacts and while no one can confirm it, the location he gave does look like it might be a Council base. I'm reluctant to ask you to investigate, but it's the only lead we have. I don't know what you might find in there, but right now the only option to find our missing fellow Peacebringers is to take out that Council base and search it for information.

You will need to take out all te Council troops in the base and check its computer system for any clues. be careful, though. Something about all of this still feels wrong to me.

Part 4: Defeat all Council in base
Council base @ Steel Canyon

You don't know what secrets this Council base may hide, but you can't shake the feeling that you won't like what you find.

Objective: You found some important information on this computer

ClueA report on warshade activity

This well researched report details the activities of many Warshades, pinpointing which ones have the most well connected social networks, and which ones are relative loners. It indexes this against the estimated difficulty to terminate them, and the damage it would cause to the Warshades to do so.

Mission Complete: You secured the base and located information on the computer, but the most shocking revelation was the foe you battled.


Coldstar? Coldstar was the second to go missing. He's one of the most dedicated and tireless in the battle against the Nictus. I can't believe that he was working with the Coucil. I don't know what this could all mean. Maybe he was mind controlled or brainwashed. We'll talk to him. We'l find the truth. This is all wrong, Cosmic Parity, this is all wrong.

Verify some of Coldstar's confession


I can't believe that Coldstar was working with the Council, but what he's said after you captured him is even worse. Coldstar claims that all of our missing Peacebringers have gone over to the Council, because the Council agreed to help them eradicate the Warshades. Coldtsar and the others feel that the Warshades are a huge threat to the war against the Nictus because they're undermining our resolve. Coldstar's said a lot of things, but we still can't be sure he's telling the truth. Not until his claims are checked out. That's what I need to ask you to do.

Coldstar let the location of Moonbow slip out. We have to know if Moonbow's a captive, or one of them. Your objective will be to find Moonbow, and either free her or capture her. You'll need to look for any more evidence that corroborates or diproves Coldstar's story.

It could be a trap, or it could tell us whether Coldstar's telling the truth. For all of our sakes, I hope that he's lying. I thought that the Peacebringer extremists might have been tempered by merging with humans, like I was. Or that they would at least give the Warshades a chance.

Part 5: Bring Moonbow home (Find evidence, 2 keys to find, Defeat Moonbow)
Laboratory @ Skyway City

According to Coldstar, this warehouse is a staging ground where the rogues and the Council plan to strike at the Warshades.

Objective: You found a key to one of the locked security gates.

ClueWarehouse key

This should open a locked door around here.

Objective: You found a key to one of the locked security gates.

ClueSecurity key

This key should open a locked door around here.

Objective: You find a very disurbing file on this computer.

ClueThe Renegade Dossier

This Council document lists the rogue Peacebringers who have pledged to help erradicate the Warshades. Coldstar, Moonbow, Fullalbedo, and Brightshift are all listed, though no locations are mentioned. However, this document also names a fifth renegade, named Lightburner, who hasn't yet disappeared from the ranks like the rest.

Objective: You have defeated Moonbow.

Mission Complete: You found Moonbow and defeated her in battle, confirming Coldstar's story. You also found a list of renegades.


It's all true. These rogues, these renegades, they've decided that even the thought that a Nictus might convert and defect to the Warshades is enough to weaken our resolve to stop the Nictus. They probably see themselves as tragic heroes, sacrificing themselves by working with the Council in order to save our mission. They're idiots. But dangerous idiots. I'll try to bring in Lightburner before he can do any harm, but this is far from over.

Capture the renegades


We've been able to piece together the location of the last 2 renegades. They're at a Council base, waiting for a shipment of Quantum Array guns. They plan to usethem to ambush Shadowstar. Initially they were planning to draw her in using Lilian, but thanks to you that plan's not going to happen. This gives us the opportunity we need. We can put a stop to the Renegades' plans if we strike them now, but it won't be easy.

Your main goal is to capture Fullalbedo and Brightshift, but they are sure to have a full contingent of Council troops there to aid them. There may also be some Quantum array guns that have been shipped in. Capture any of those you can.

Part 8: Capture the Renegades (Defeat Fullalbedo, Defeat Brightshift)
Council base

The depths of this Council base hides the last two renegades.


You've brought the renegades down before too much damage was done, and for that we're all in your debt, Cosmic Parity. When word of the rogues first got out, there were many among the Warsahdes who thought it was a sign of our true intentions against them. but your success against the renegades has proven otherwise, and also helped to remind our fellow Peacebringers that we all must work together.

I've spoken with Shadowstar about this whole event, and we've come to the conclusion that both sides need to work together more in the future to that incidents like this don't happen again. From this point forward, we'll be sharing more information and working together on some cases. It's the start of a new era in the war agaisnt the Nictus. This planet has proven once more that we needn't fight alone.

I'll keep looking into this, but things are only going to get more dangerous. Talk to me again when you're around Security Level 15. There may be more for you then.

Deliver the warning to Shadowstar


Now that we know about these Renegades, we have to warn the Warshades. I'm tying to track them down, partcularly Lightburner, the only one who hasn't disappeared on his own yet. Until that's done, can you deliver the warning to Shadowstar? She has to know who the rogues are and what they're after if she's going to protect her people.

Thank you, Cosmic parity. This has to be done in person, there's no way of knowing if he rogues have compromised our communications.

Part 6: Warn Shadowstar
Delivery @ Galaxy City

This is grave news, Cosmic Parity, but it is lightened by your warning. Please accept my thanks for this warning. I will send word should one of the rogues turn up.

Wait a moment!

I see the name 'Lightburner' on the list of rogues! This Lightburner, he was just here! He was talking to Lillian, my daughter. She's a reporter, and when she told him she was investigating the Vahzilok, he invited her along on a mission against them. I gave her permission to go, thinking she would be safe with a Kheldian to guard her and that she should meet more Peacebringers and learn about them. Now I fear for her safety. You must help me, Cosmic Parity. I beg you, help me find my daughter Lillian.

Part 7: Defeat Lightburner & cronies (Find Lilian, Defeat Lightburner)
Sewers @ Kings Row

Pieces of paper torn from a steno pad with the word 'Help!' written on them float in the water.

Objective: Lightburner had some words for you after the battle.

Clue'The girl was just bait'

After you defeated the rogue Peacebringer Lightburner, he told you:

'I'm kind of glad you came. This whole thing didn't sit well with me. The girl was just bait, anyway, to draw in her mother. Fullalbedo and Brightshift are supposed to finish her off as soon as we get the Quantum guns from the Council. Arakhn said she'd have them for us, but I heard Requiem delayed the shipment to spite her. They're all scum, but we had to work with them. Every second the Warshades exist is a second they make us question our purpose. And every time me question, we grow weaker against the Nictus.'

Mission Complete: You defeated Lightburner and rescue Shadowstar's daughter Lillian from the Vahzilok.


Shadowstar's daughter Lillian is safe, and now we have 3 of the 5 rogues, all thanks to your efforts. That only leaves 2, Fullalbedo and Brightshift. These were our people before they became fanatics, but that doesn't excuse their actions. They have to be stopped before they can make an attack on Shadowstar.

Souvenir: The Renegade Dossier

The names are plainly listed in this dossier: Coldstar. Moonbow. Lightburner. Fullalbedo. Brightshift.

5 Peacebringers. 5 Renegades. 5 names that will live in infamy among Peacebringers and Warshade alike. You've kept this dosier on the 5 peacebringers who all went renegade to remind you of a dirty incident in Peacebringer history you recall as

War and the Peacebringers

It all started when Sunstorm asked you to investigate the recent disappearance of several Peacebringers. You spoke with Shadowstar. who told you that the Circle of Thorns had shown some interest in Kheldians. The mystic in charge of that project had recently escaped from Ziggursky Prison. so you pressed Circle mystics on the streets to track him down.

You found and defeated the Circle mystic Aeoch. but he told you that he had nothing to do with the missing Peacebringers. However. Aeoch did point you towards a Lt. Morely of the Council. who was researching Warshade movements and organization under Requiem's orders.

You investigated the base. and found not only Lt.Morely and his report on Warshade activity. but Coldstar. one of the missing Peacebringers. Instead of thanking you for the rescue. Coldstar called you a traitor and attacked!

After his capture. Coldstar claimed that all the missing Peacebringers had started working with the Council to wipe out the Warshades. who they thought were a threat to the resolve of the Peacebringers in the war against the Nictus. To see if he was telling the truth. you investigated the location where Coldstar had said that Moonbow. another one of the missing Peacebringers was supposed to be. moonbow's attack confirmed it. as did a list of the renegades. The list also had the name of a 5th rogue!

Now that you had a list of the Renegades. you went to Shadowstar so that you could warn the Warshades. She told you with mounting horror that the 5th Rogue. Lightburner. had taken Shadowstar's daughter. the reporter Lilian Issan. on a mission against the Vahzilok! You followed them and were able to rescue Lilian and defeat the renegade. who revealed that they only wanted Lilian as bait for Shadowstar!

You tracked down the last two rogues. defeating them and putting an end to their plan to assassinate Shadowstar. but many questions remain. Who in the Council was working with the rogues. and why? What did Requiem have to do with the operation. and who or what it the mysterious Arakhn? Sunstorm asked you to come back when you were around security level 15 to continue the investigation.

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