Minor Story ArcThe Vampyri


Mission Index

  1. Defeat base leader & his men
  2. Get spell from Stephanie Peebles
  3. Retrieve Tobias' heirloom
  4. Destroy portal to the spirit world
  5. Help reclaim Bonny Morass
  6. Rescue scientists from vampyri
  7. Defeat all zombies in mausoleum
  8. Combat Council in Bonny Morass (Banished Pantheon,Council)

Destroy the vampyr lab

Tobias Hansen

Have you ever seen one of the labs where the vampyri are created, Xmot Der? I have. The Council has built these massive transformation chambers, in which the vampyri candidates are grown into the super soldiers that terrorize Striga Isle. Now here's the good part: I've learned the location of one of these labs. I've been waitin years for a break like this! I need you to destroy that vampyr lab and every scrap of equipment inside.

Those labs cost the Council millions, Xamot Der. Take out this one, and you'll really kick them where it hurts.

Part 6: Defeat base leader & his men (8 capsules to destroy)
Council base @ Striga Isle

A sibilant hiss hangs in the air: the product of a vampyr's mutated throat.

Objective: You destroyed the transformation capsule.

Objective: You destroyed the transformation capsule.

Mission Complete: You have defeated the vampyr transformation capsules.

Tobias Hansen

Well done, my friend! The Council will no doubt be reeling from their losses today. This message you found troubles me, however; it seems the Council is working on some new and nefarious scheme. Together, we will have to get to the heart of it.

Retrieve Tobias' heirloom from Vampyr Mountain

Tobias Hansen

I have need of your assistance, Xamot Der. I have located an old heirloom of mine, but I cannot retrieve it alone. You see, it is within Vampyr Mountain. If you would do me this personal favour, I believe I can open up Striga's secrets for you. Will you retrieve my heirloom from Vampyr mountain?

First you should go to see the island witch, Stephanie Peebles. She's cooked up a spell that may assist you.

Part 7: Get spell from Stephanie Peebles
Delivery @ Striga Isle
Stephanie Peebles

The darkness that suffuses the war wolves makes them quite responsive to magic. This spell will allow you to summon a war wolf to fight at your side. The creature will no be willing, but it will do your bidding.

Part 8: Retrieve Tobias' heirloom
Council base @ Striga Isle

The vampyri keep their caverns cold as a crypt.

Mission Complete: You retrieved Tobias' journal!

ClueToby's journal

This journal, written on rough, pulpy pages, catalogues the deeds of a pair of young adventurers called Lars and Tobias Hansen. In 1946, they investigated a strange Italian cabal known only as the Council. Unfortunately, they were discovered and fell prey to the Council's fledgling experiments in human augmentation. As a result, they have not aged since that day.

Tobias Hansen

I don't know how to thank you, Red Tomax. There aren't a lot of people I allow to know about my past on Striga Isle: only those I trust, like my brother and yourself. you've proved that you're a true hero with the wherewithal to seek the truth no matter what you must face. I think you should meet my brother, Lars Hansen. If there's anyone who knows about secrets, it's him.

Stop the Banished Pantheon from contacting the spirit world

Tobias Hansen

How much do you know about the Banished Pantheon, Red Tomax? Do you know that they are constantly seeking a connection to the spirit world? Well, they are. And according to my sources, they have just succeeded. Someone's got to stop the Banished Pantheon from contacting the spirit world, Xamot Der. If not, the world we know may soonnot be worth living in.

The foul zombies have created a portal with which to contact the denizens of the spirit world. Destroy that portal, or we will all suffer the consequences.

Part 5: Destroy portal to the spirit world
Tunnels @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: You have destroyed the portal to the spirit world.

Tobias Hansen

Thanks to you, I can sleep tonight. The things of the spirit world are not dangers to take lightly, Red Tomax. No indeed. They are far more wicked and depraved than any champion of right can truly understand. I will need your help to fight them. And you will need mine.

Help Tobias reclaim Striga Isle

Tobias Hansen

Have you ventured deep into the Bonny Morass, Red Tomax? It can be a frightening place. The vampyri are firmly in control of Vampyr Mountain, and the Banished Pantheon roams the woods. It is a placfe not fit for man nor beast, but I'm going to send you there anyway. I have to. If we are ever to reclaim Striga Isle, we must puch the monsters back into their holes!

I believe in you, Red Tomax. I believe you have what it takes to drive the unholy from Striga Isle.

Part 3: Help reclaim Bonny Morass (Defeat 15 Council and 15 Banished Pantheon)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: You have decreased the number of villains haunting the Bonny Morass.

Tobias Hansen

Thank you, hero. I know more about the monsters of this island than any other you will encounter. If you will continue to help me, there is a chance that you will learn more.

Rescue the scientists from the Council

Tobias Hansen

The Council is up to some sick experiments up on that mountain, and I've learned that they're not alone. They've managed to kidnap several of paragon City's best geneticists, and they're being forced to help with the Council's vampyr transformation process. Take it from me, Red Tomax, we cannot leave these people in the Council's hands. You will have to rescue the scientists from the Council.

The Council's vampyr process is impressive, but they're always looking to improve upon it. I don't want those scientists forced to help them along.

Part 2: Rescue scientists from vampyri (4 scientists to save)
Council base @ Striga Isle

This lab is kept dark, a nod to the vampyri's enhanced vision.

Mission Complete: You rescued the scientists from the Council.

ClueThe scientist's story

One of the scientists you rescued told you:

'They forced us to do the most terrible things! I don't think they would have ever let us go!'

Tobias Hansen

I'm grateful, Red Tomax. perhaps more grateful than you can imagine. You see, I have some personal experience with the Council. I don't talk about is much, but you've shown me why you're the kind of hero I can trust. Maybe I'll let you in on my secret before too long.

Rid the mausoleum of the Banished Pantheon

Tobias Hansen

Are you familiar with the reanimated monsters known as the Banished Pantheon? I certainly am. They've been digging up my churchyard, haunting the Morass, and generally making a nuisance of themselves. Yesterday I located a mausoleum full of the creatures. Will you rid the mausoleum of these dread creatures?

There was a time when I would have gone with you Red Tomax, but I'm afraid those days are behind me now.

Take with you these holy shotgun shells. They should help you defeat the Banished Pantheon.

Part 4: Defeat all zombies in mausoleum (4 hostages to rescue)
Tunnels @ Striga Isle

Mission Complete: You have cleared the mausoleum of the Banished Pantheon.

Tobias Hansen

We're lucky, Red Tomax. I had no idea the Pantheon had got their hands on some human sacrifices! All I can say is, thank heaven you were there to stop their mad rituals.

Clear out some of the Council

Tobias Hansen

Do you see that mountain off in the distance, Red Tomax? People around these parts call it Vampyr Mountain. It's home to the Council's deadliest soldiers, and they're more than a little scary. I'd like you to go out into the Bonny Morass and see if you can clear out some of the vampyri and their human companions. But be careful, Red Tomax. They are the deadliest of men.

I know more about the vampyri than you might guess, Red Tomax. Stick with me and you'll learn a few things.

Part 1: Combat Council in Bonny Morass (Defeat 15 Council)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle (Banished Pantheon,Council)

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough Council agents.

Tobias Hansen

I have to admit, Red Tomax, that was a test. I wanted to see whether you had the mettle for the tasks that lie ahead. I'm sure you realise that you passed with flying colours; there's not another hero I'd more readily trust with Striga's future.


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