OtherThe Outcast Artifact Auction


Mission Index

  1. Get information from Outcasts (Outcasts)
  2. Defeat auctioneer and his crew - 1:30:00 (Outcasts,Circle of Thorns,Tsoo,Hellions)

Interrogate some Outcasts on the street

Pavel Garnier

The Outcasts often move minor artifacts to anyone in the city interested in getting an edge. There's a rumour that they're planning a big auction of magical artifacts, but none of my sources have found anything concrete. Normally the Outcasts are big boasters; when they get quiet, I start to worry. I need someone to interrogate some of the Outcasts on the street. See if you can find out what's going on.

The last thing this city needs is more dangerous mystic items in the hands of the wrong people.

Part 1: Get information from Outcasts (Defeat 15 Outcasts)
Defeat x @ Any (Outcasts)

Mission Complete: One of the Outcasts you defeated was carrying an invitation to an auction.

ClueAuction Advertisement

This is an invitation to an auction of mystic artifacts. It designated the time and place for the auction to commence.

Part 2: Defeat auctioneer and his crew - 1:30:00 (4 artifacts to recover)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Steel Canyon (Outcasts,Circle of Thorns,Tsoo,Hellions)

There are villains from multiple mystic groups here, all ready to bid on relics of mystic power.

Objective: You found a sapphire necklace.


The artifacts you recovered seem to buzz with power, but you cannot deduce their purpose.

Objective: You found a topaz ring.

Objective: You found a copper statue.

Objective: You found a moldy scroll.

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Outcast's auction.

Pavel Garnier

I'm glad you were able to stop this auction. The Outcasts have been putting a lot of these magic items out on the streets lately. They always seem to have a downside or a curse on them, but the Outcasts still seem to find ready buyers. I guess there are a lot of people in this city who are desperate for a little power.


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