Minor Story ArcHeracles


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all villains on boat (Council)
  2. Combat Council in Port Noble (Council)
  3. Defeat all Council agents (Council)
  4. Defeat all villains in warehouse (The Family,Council)
  5. Save Dr. Francois - 1:00:00 (Council)
  6. Bust Tommy One Eye and his crew (The Family)
  7. Talk to Long Jack
  8. Defeat Heracles and his men (Warriors)

Notable Foes

Stop the Council attack

Stephanie Peebles

I've got a fish story for you, Red Tomax, and it's a beaut. Seems some researchers over in Eastgate Bay just pulled into port. Say they were attacked by some sort of "fish monsters", and they barely escaped with their lives! They even say they've got one of the creatures on ice down in their hold.

I don't know if I believe it, but the Council seems to. They've mounted an assault on the ship, and they're planning on stealing the creature, probably for genetic experimentation. Problem is, there are innocent people in the way. I need you to stop that Council attack,

Word travels fast on Striga Isle, Red Tomax. Don't be surprised if you run into a lot of unfriendly faces.

Part 4: Defeat all villains on boat (Recover the specimen!, 4 researchers to save)
Boat @ Striga Isle (Council)

The door has bene forced open. The Council is already here!

Mission Complete: You recovered the specimen and stopped the attack.

ClueThe scientist's find

The contens of this crate can only be described as bizarre. The creature in stasis within is definitely fish-like, but easily the size of a man. It's long, powerful arms look capable of ripping a boat to shreds.

Stephanie Peebles

Did you get a look at the contents of that crate, Red Tomax? Ick! Well, I don't know how or why those researchers found that thing, but I sure hope they don't find any more.

Shut the Council down

Stephanie Peebles

Striga has always been a dangerous place to live, but lately it's gottn a heck of lot worse. It's the Council. They've got their mitts all over my home now, and I don't like it one bit. If you're willing to help me, I know exactly where you should start: by taking down some Council agents. They've been making my home a rotten place to live. I'd appreciate it if you shut those goobers down.

Those Council agents are cowards, plain and simple. You take out ten of them, they'll get the message.

Part 1: Combat Council in Port Noble (Defeat 10 Council)
Defeat X @ Striga Isle (Council)

Mission Complete: You have reduced the Council presence in Port Noble.

Stephanie Peebles

You sure put the fear of Red Tomax into 'em, kid. Good going. The Council better sit up and take notice: Striga Isle's got a new hero!

Waylay the robots before they leave the warehouse

Stephanie Peebles

We've got to move fast. I just got word about a new crop of Zenith Mech Men that's about to be loaded on a cargo ship bound for Paragon City. I'm sure you know what a pain those Mech Men can be once they get into the Council's hands. If you could waylay those robots before they leave the warehouse, you could save your fellow heroes a lot of grief.

You need to hurry, Red Tomax! They'll reach the boat soon!

Part 2: Defeat all Council agents
Warehouse @ Striga Isle (Council)

You hear the stomping of fifty heavy metal feet.

Mission Complete: You destroyed the Zenith Mech Man shipment.

Stephanie Peebles

I hope you're tough enough to handle this one.

Stop the Council's attack on the Family

Stephanie Peebles

The Family's been running these docks so long, I guess I'm used to them. But the Council isn't. I just heard that they've launched an attack on a known Family business, and it doesn't take much imagination to guess what'll happen. The Council will massacre those gangsters. Now, the Fam may not be your favourite grou pof people, Red Tomax, but I know you don't want to see bloodshed if you can prevent it. Will you stop the Council's attack on the Family?

You're a good one, Red Tomax. Go in there and kick some butt.

Part 3: Defeat all villains in warehouse
Warehouse @ Striga Isle (The Family,Council)

You hear the echoing report of a shotgun.

Mission Complete: You stopped the battle between the Family and the Council.

Stephanie Peebles

Thanks, Red Tomax. I owe you one. You put your neck on the line for soe people who aren't exactly model citizens, and I won't forget it. You stopped a lot of bloodshed today; I hope you're as proud of that as I am.

Save Dr. Francois

Stephanie Peebles

Someone's in big trouble, Red Tomax, and I think you're the only one who can help. Dr. Francois, the robotics engineer, has been kidnapped by the Council! He's on a ship right now, and you've got to stop it before it leaves port. I have no doubt the Council will force Fracois to improve their hideous Zenith Mech Men for them. And I have no doubt he could do it. You've got to save Dr. Francois! And you only have 1 hour to do it.

Once that ship leaves port, it may become impossible to track down the good doctor.

Part 5: Save Dr. Francois - 1:00:00
Boat @ Striga Isle (Council)

A whistle blows. The ship is preparing to set sail.

Mission Complete: You rescued Dr. Francois from the Council.

Stephanie Peebles

The doc's back home safe, thanks to you. You're doing a lot to protect the people of Striga Isle, Red Tomax. Don't ever imagine I'm not grateful.

Destroy the illicit drug shipment

Stephanie Peebles

There's a ship in the harbour here about to set sail for Independence Port. Nothing unusual there. But what I just learned is that this ship contains a massive cargo of Superadine. I'd like to keep that junk off the streets if I can. Which means you've got to get on that ship, destroy the drugs, and waylay the captain. Think you can handle it?

It's a Family operation, I'm afraid. Sometimes those scamps just don't learn!

Part 6: Bust Tommy One Eye and his crew (4 crates of drugs to destroy)
Boat @ Striga Isle (The Family)

You hear the laughter of men who think they've already gotten away with their crime.

Mission Complete: You destroyed the drugs and defeated Tommy One Eye.

Stephanie Peebles

That's a little less 'Dyne on the streets and a little less money in Seb Frost's pockets. Not a bad day's work, huh, hero?

Talk to Long Jack

Stephanie Peebles

I wonder if you'd be willing to help me out with a personal problem, Red Tomax. See, I lost my ring. My wedding ring! Last night at the Mermaid, it just disappeared! I've asked my friend Long Jack to look into the matter; he knows a lot of the less savoury folks about town. Could you go talk to Long Jack? It would mean a lot to me if you could recover my ring.

This is a shady town, and things could get dicey. I'd recommend bringing along at least a couple of teammates.

That ring is almost all I have to remember my Stephen. I don't want to lose it now.

Part 7: Talk to Long Jack
Delivery @ Striga Isle
Long Jack

So, you're Steph's friend, huh? Glad to meet you.

I think I may have a lead on that missing ring of hers. It seems a Warrior named Heracles was bragging about how he lifted a gold bauble off a woman in the Mermaid Tavern. Description sounds about right. You should check out his hideout.

Part 8: Defeat Heracles and his men
Warehouse @ Striga Isle (Warriors)

The Warriors' den smells of musty artifacts and sweat.

HeraclesHeracles [Elite Boss]
This tough Warrior has stolen Stephanie Peebles' wedding band. It would mean a lot to her if you could get it back.

Mission Complete: You recovered Stephanie's ring.

Stephanie Peebles

Oh, thank you, Red Tomax, thank you! I'm so grateful! I guess you've figured out that there's more to this ring that I told you, huh? All right, all right, I'll tell you the rest. You see, I'm whta those people at MAGI call a 'sorceress'. Down here on Striga, people tend to use the word 'witch'.

Magic's been in my family for a long time. When I married my Stephen, it seemed only natural to weave the power of our love into our wedding bands.

I hope this doesn't change the way you feel about me, Red Tomax. I'd like you to carry the ring around for a few days, get used to its magic. Maybe then you'll understand me a little better.


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