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Mission Index

  1. Find biggest clockwork (Psychic Clockwork)

Notable Foes

Set up the psychic blocker

Unai Kemen

People around here are getting pretty antsy about dimension Epsilon Tau 27-2. That's the dimension ruled over by the ultra-powerful Clockwork King. With all the dimensional ruptures that have been happening lately, there's a concern that Epsilon Tau's King may start extending his psychic tendrils into our own dimension. I need you to go to his dimension and set up a psychic blocker. That should keep him in check.

I'm sure you remember all the trouble this dimension's Clockwork King caused. We can't have another, more powerful King on our hands!

This psychic blocker is powered by psychic energy. I want you to find the biggest, baddest Clockwork you can and put the blocker on him. That way we can be certain it'll stay active for a good long while.

CluePsychic blocker

It would be hard for you to say whether this small metal disk operates by magic, science, or a mixture of the two. When placed on a large Clockwork robot, it should produce a signal that keeps the Clockwork King's energies confined to his own wasted dimension.

Part 1: Find biggest clockwork (Place blocker on Babbage)
Instanced Outdoor [Boomtown] @ Peregrine Island [Portal] (Psychic Clockwork)

You have a sense of unsease as you step onto the ruined landscape of Clockwork's Earth.

BabbageBabbage [Monster]
In Paragon City, Babbage is a force to be reckoned with. In dimension Epsilon Tau 27-2, it's a far, far greater threat. Babbage's blasts of psychic energy can make seasoned fighters quail before it. It's best not to approach without a couple of teammates.

Mission Complete: You placed all the psychic blockers.

Unai Kemen

You faced the Babbage of Clockwork Earth? And you lived to tell about it? Red Tomax, I'm impressed. With that psychic blocker in place on Clockwork Eath, we shouldn't have to fear any psychic meddling from that world's Clockwork King. It's clear that all the things I've heard about you were right. You know how to get the job done.


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