TrialThe Cavern of Transcendence


Mission Index

  1. Unlock the gateway - 1:30:00 (Trolls ,Circle of Thorns,Minions of Igneous)

Notable Foes

  • Mission #1: Koago, Arch-Villain (Minions of Igneous)

You have become the master of the mystical gateway beneath the Hollows.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Agree to form a task force


Talshak has forced me to reveal the cavern's location to you, and only you. Make no mistake; if I could, I would kill you on the spot. But the old mage's power is too strong. I will lead you to the cavern. Whatever happens there, you're on your own.

The cavern's secret is this: the gateway links the cavern to one other location, but that location is no constant. It is determined by the wishes of the gateway's master. If you can fight your way to the gateway, you will become that master. If my own people can best you, however, we will use it to connect to the deepest reaches of the demon world. Then, you will suffer!

Know that if I could work my will, you would writhe in pain until you died. Still, I am at Talshak's command. I will assist you.

Part 1: Unlock the gateway - 1:30:00
@ The Tunnels (Trolls ,Circle of Thorns,Minions of Igneous)
KoagoKoago [Arch-Villain]
This massive Pumicite guards the way to Sam Wincott.
Awarded for completing the Task Force before the time limit expires.


Souvenir: Badge of Honor

The Paragon City Police Department awarded you this badge in recognition of your efforts to reclaim the Hollows. It's a warm reminder of the adventure you like to think of as:

The Heart of the Hollows

It began when the wise Mystic. Talshak. devined the location of the Troll leaders' den. The mighty Troll. Atta. was said to be behind all the havoc that the Superadine-crazed gangsters wreak on the Hollows. Perhaps he would know the whereabouts of Sam Wincott. the young man who went missing long ago. You battled through Atta's lair and defeated him. but Sam Wincott was not to be found. You learned that the Circle of Thorns had taken the boy from the Trolls.

Fortunately. the Trolls were willing to tip you off to the Circle's hideout. You journeyed there. and found yourself embroiled in a mighty battle between the Circle's mystics and the strange minions of Igneous. You defeated the villains. but learned that you had once again missed Sam Wincott. A group of Magmites had spirited him away. but not before the Circle could use Sam's inherent magical abilities to located the Cavern of Transcendence.

The situation was tense. The Circle knew the cavern's location. and they would soon converge upon the portal at its heart. Talshak brought all his mystical powers to bear upon the defeated mages. and learned where the cavern was. You journeyed there and destroyed the eight obelisks that bound the portal. In doing so. you became its master. Now. the portal's destination is defined by your wishes. and the Circle of Thorns will be unable to use it for evil. In the cavern. you also came face to face with Sam Wincott at last. You brought him to safety. earning the eternal gratitude of Lt. David Wincott. PCPD.

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