Task ForceA Mind in Danger


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all agents in base (Circle of Thorns,Nemesis,Rikti,Council,Malaise)
  2. Defeat all Rikti in base
  3. Take file to Rebecca Brinell
  4. Interrogate Crey agents
  5. Interrogate Nemesis soldiers
  6. Interrogate Circle of Thorns
  7. Take tome to Azuria
  8. Defeat Tyrkis & his covern
  9. Take books to Azuria
  10. Defeat Punkadelic & his cronies
  11. Interrogate Freakshow
  12. Defeat Malaise & his men

Notable Foes

Agree to form a task force

Calvin Scott

I'm glad you're here, heroes. you see, I've got a problem. A big problem. It's my wife. You may know her as Sister Psyche, but her real name is Aurora Scott. Ever since Sister Psyche was injured in the war, her consciousness has been residing within Aurora, working through my wife to continue her watch over Paragon City./p>

Aurora considers it an honour, and she'd never do anything to let Sister Psyche down. but lately, there's something wrong with her. I think someone is trying to disrupt their mental connection, and it's tearing her apart. Please, help my wife!

She acts like there's nothign wrong, but I know her. Believe me, Task Force Loyalty, there's something bad going on. I've got a lead on a Council base that's been doing some investigation into psychic powers. Perhaps they're the ones interfering with the connection between Sister Psyche and my wife.

Thanks for helping me, heroes. I have to admit, I badly need some assistance.

Part 1: Defeat all agents in base
Council base @ Skyway City (Circle of Thorns,Nemesis,Rikti,Council,Malaise)

Mission Complete: You learned about the Council's experiments in psychic probing.

ClueThe operative's story

The SPIDER operative you rescued from the Council told you:

'The Council developed this psychic probe that could read their agents' minds! That's how they figured out I'm from SPIDER. You have my gratitude for saving my life, but don't expect any thanks beyond that. SPIDER isn't much for personal loyalties.'

Calvin Scott

It soudns as though the Council's psychic probing has to do with rooting out spies within their ranks. Pretty creepy, but it doesn't explain the change in Aurora's connection to Sister Psyche. I'll have to dig deeper.

Investigate the Rikti base

Calvin Scott

That lead on the Council didn't pan out, but I'm certain that someone is interfering with my wife's psychic connection to Sister Psyche. I'd like you to look into a Rikti base I've learned of. People tell me the area has a strong psychic resonance.

Find out what the Rikti are up to. If you come across anything that looks interesting, you could take it to Rebecca Brinell over at SERAPH. She's an expert on all things Rikti.

Part 2: Defeat all Rikti in base (Seek clues)
Laboratory @ Skyway City

According to Calvin's leads, this whole area is seething with psionic energy.

Objective: YOu found a file full of strange, alien symbols.

ClueRikti file

This computer file is filled with strange, alien symbols. Perhaps Rebecca Brinell can help you sort them out.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Rikti and found a strange file.

Part 3: Take file to Rebecca Brinell
Delivery @ Galaxy City
Rebecca Brinell

I believe I can make out some of the Rikti symbology. Let's see. It seems the Rikti were attempting to contact some other plane of existence psychically. If they could establish psychic contact with their own home world, that could mean vastly improved military eficientcy. Luckily for us, their experiment seems to be goign nowhere.

I'm sorry, Task Force Loyalty, but this doesn't seem to be connected to the disruption of Sister Psyche's connection to Aurora Borealis. Maybe Calvin's just getting worked up for no reason. After all, it can't be easy to have a wife with two minds.

Calvin Scott

Another dead end. Look, Task Force Loyalty, I know a lot of people think I'm just creating a fuss over nothing. But I know my wife! She's not the same. And if someone doesn't get to the bottom of this, she may never be!

I really believe you have what it takes to help me, Task Force Loyalty.

Interrogate more villains

Calvin Scott

Okay, Task Force Loyalty, here's the deal. You've been kickign villain tail all across Paragon City, but we're stilll no closer to figuring out what's wrong with the connection between my wife and Sister Psyche. So, I think it's time to kick a little more tail. Or a lot more, to be exact.

I want you to hit the streets, and don't stop until you find a lead.

Part 4: Interrogate Crey agents (Defeat 10 Crey)
Defeat x @ Any

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Crey agents, but learned nothing about Aurora Borealis' condition.

Part 5: Interrogate Nemesis soldiers (Defeat 10 Nemesis soldiers)
Defeat x @ Any

Mission Complete: You defeated 10 Nemesis soldiers, but learned nothing about Aurora Borealis' condition.

Part 6: Interrogate Circle of Thorns (Defeat 10 Circle of Thorns)
Defeat x @ Any

Mission Complete: On one of the defeated Circle mystics, you found a strange tome.

ClueStrange tome

This tome, titled On the Dissolution of Psyches, may have something to do with the changes in Sister Psyche's host, Aurora Borealis. You found it on a Circle of Thorns mystic.

Calvin Scott

Task Force Loyalty, you may have doen it! This tome may hold the key to what's happening to Aurora. Thank you, Task Force Loyalty. You're beginning to give me hope.

Take the tome to Azuria

Calvin Scott

I'd like you to take this tome you found over to Azuria. maybe she can analyse it and let us know if the Circle really is interfering with Aurora's mental conenction to Sister Psyche.

Please do anything Azuria asks of you.

Part 7: Take tome to Azuria
Delivery @ Atlas Park

So, this is the strange tome Calvin spoke of. Let me see. It seems that the Circle of Thorns has found a way to target Sister Psyche through her mental connection to Aurora Borealis. Task Force Loyalty, this is horrible! If Sister Psyche remains in Aurora's body for too much longer, the Circle could dissolve both of their personalities. We wouldn't be losing one of the city's greatest heroes; we'd also be losign one of our brightest potential stars: Aurora!

I think I can stop this, but first I need to know how much progress the Circle has already made. I want you to investigate one of their lairs.

Part 8: Defeat Tyrkis & his covern (Seek clues)
Oranbega @ Founders' Falls

The scent of cloves fills the air.

Objective: When you defeated him, Tyrkis snarled, 'Fine! I'll tell you what you want to know!'

ClueTyrkis' story

When you defeated the Agony Mage Tyrkis, he snarled:

'Fine! I'll tell you what you want to know! We went after Sister Psyche first because her psychic link to the girl made her easier to target. Eventually we would haev torn apart all of Paragon City's great heroes, from the inside out!'

'There was a dark presence, though, when we touched Sister Psyche's mind. It was enough to frighten even me, and I have seen horrors you cannot imagine!'

Objective: You found some texts.

ClueCircle texts

You recovered these dusty tomes from a Circle of Thorns base. They may help Azuria figure out how to help Sister Psyche.

Mission Complete: You defeated the Circle of Thorns and learned about their plans.

Calvin Scott

Great work, Task Force Loyalty! I have to thank you for trusting me on this. I'm not a hero; I'm not a well-known contact in town. I'm just a guy tryign to saev his wife. I appreciate everything you're doing for her.

Take the books to Azuria

Calvin Scott

I hope those books you found will tell Azuria how to break the spell that's targeting my wife's mental connection to Sister Psyche. You better get them over to her.

Thanks, Task Force Loyalty. I'm sure Azuria will know just what to do.

Part 9: Take books to Azuria
Delivery @ Atlas Park

Thank you, brave heroes. I will examine these books at once. If Sister Psyche's pressence within Aurora's mind is what allowed the Circle to target her, perhaps it is time to dissolve that union. I have long been researching the spells necessary to restore Sister Psyche's original body to health. I suppose it is tiem to make the attempt.

I will begin work immediately. It will take me some time to perform the ritual; after all, the minds of Aurora and Psyche have becoem largely intertwined. But I must begin to draw them apart.

Calvin Scott

I can hardly believe it's true. Sister Psyche has been living within my wife's body for so long, I'd almost gotten used to it. Still, it was hard sometimes, knowing that there was someone else looking out at me from her eyes. Now, Azuria's finally going to return Sister Psyche to her own body and return my precious Aurora to me. It's almost too good to be true!

Task Force Loyalty, you're amazing. I feel that my wife is in excellent hands.

Take on a new threat with Calvin

Calvin Scott

While Azuria works on the spell that will return Sister Psyche to her body, we've got more work to do. It seems the Freedom Phalanx was so impressed with our work uncovering the Circle plot, they want to see more of what we can do together. I could hardly turn them down. So, what do you say? Will you take on a new threat with me?

Apparently there's a new villain in town. Some of the Freakshow seem to be flocking to his banner. I need you to go to a warehouse where they're massed and see if you can find out who this new player is.

Part 10: Defeat Punkadelic & his cronies
Warehouse @ Kings Row

A steady bass beat echoes through these corridors.

Objective: When you defeated Punkadelic, he gasped, 'Okay, okay, here's the story: the new man says he's got the inside scoop on the heroes. We thought we'd go along for the ride!'

CluePunkadelic's story

When you defeated Punkadelic, he told you:

'I don't know where the new man's from; he just appeared on the scene. He says he's got the inside scoop on the heroes. We thought we'd go along for the ride!'

Mission Complete: You defeated the Freaks and learned about their new leader.

Calvin Scott

I guess it shouldn't surprise me that the Freaks are willing to follow anyone who claims to be able to bring them some power. I still don't know who this new villain is, or why he claims to know all about the heroes of Paragon City. But I know we better track him down before he causes any more trouble.

Track down the new villain

Calvin Scott

All right. We know this new villain in town claims to know all about Paragon City's greatest heroes. And we know he's working with the Freaks. It seems to me there's only one thing to do, Task Force Loyalty. You've got to go to the streets and track him down.

Some of the Freaks may know where he's holed up. Start with them.

Part 11: Interrogate Freakshow (Defeat 30 Freakshow)
Defeat x @ Any

Mission Complete: One of the Freaks you defeated gave up the location of his leader's lair.

ClueLair location

One of the Freaks you defeated told you that his leader's lair is located in Brickstown.

Calvin Scott

So, this new villain is holed up in Brickstown, eh? You'll have to go after him, Task Force Loyalty. If he really does have the secrets of Paragon City's heroes, we can't allow them to fall into the hands of the Freakshow!

Take out the new villain

Calvin Scott

You've got to take out this enw villain, Task Force Loyalty. I don'y know who he is, but I know the Freaks are following him because he claims to know all about the secrets of Paragon City's heroes. That's a huge threat, but I believ you are sterong enough to stop it.

Thanks for taking this on, heroes. It takes real courage to march into the unknown.

Part 12: Defeat Malaise & his men
Tunnels @ Brickstown

You hear the sound of unhinged laughter.

MalaiseMalaise [Arch-Villain]
It seems that Azuria's spell to return Sister Psyche to her own body has had unexpected effects. Sister Psyche's mental hold over her protegee, Malaise, has been broken. Malaise is a villain once more!

Mission Complete: You defeated Malaise.

Calvin Scott

It seems that wjen Azuria began her spell to return Sister Psyche to her own body, Psyche's mental hold on Malaise was broken. He lost his head and went evil again. he says it was just a brief fit of lunacy, but to tell you the truth, Task Force Loyalty, I've got my doubts. I hope you'll help me keep an eye on him until Azuria finishes her spell and Sisetr Psyche is back at work in her own body.

Azuria's still hard at work on the spell that will put Sister Psyche back in her own body. During the process, a small part of each woman's soul was cast free. Luckily, Azuria managed to capture the soul fragments in this crystal orb. Aurora and Sister Psyche will be fine, as long as someone protects those soul fragments. I can't think of a better person than you.

Souvenir: Soul orb

This orb contains fragments of the souls of Sister Psyche and Aurora Borealis. Retaining it is a grave responsibility. as well as a remineder ot the adventure you've come to think of as:

A Mind in Danger

It began with Calvin Scott. an ordinary man with an extraordinary problem. He believed something or someone was interfering with his wife's mental connection to Sister Psyche. thus putting her in terrible danger. At his request. you investigated a Council base where Calvin had learned psychic experiments were taking place. However. you learned that the experiments had to do with uncovering spies within the Council. rather than with the change in Aurora Borealis.

You next went to investigate a Rikti base saturated with psionic energy. You learned that the Rikti were trying to mentally contact their home dimension. possibly to increase military efficientcy. Still. you had no lead on what was happening to Aurora Borealis. and Calvin believed you were running out of time.

Desperate for wanswers. you took to the streets. You took on Crey and Nemesis soldiers without results. After defeating a numebr of Circle of Thorns mystics. you found a tome called On the Dissolution of Psyches.

Calvin sent you to Azuria to decipher the tome. She told you that the Circle had targetted Sister Psyche and Aurora Borealis by using their mental connection against them. She could combat this evil. but first she needed to know how much progress the Circle had made. You ventured into a Circle base and uncovered a number of texts detailing their spells.

You took these texts to Azuria. who began work on a spell to return Sister Psyche to her own body.

While Azuria laboured over her magic. you returned to Calvin to bring him the good news. Calvin told you he'd received a request from the Freedom Phalanx to keep working with you. Your task was to bring a new villain to light. You knew this mysterious person was working with the Freakshow. so you went to investigate a Freak gathering. The Freak leader you defeated. Punkadelic. told you that this new villain claimed to know all the weaknesses of Paragon City's heroes.

It became obvious that trackign down this person was critical to the safety of the city. You went to the streets. defeating Freak after Freak. until you learned the location fo the villain's lair.

You had resolved to defeat this strange villain andput a stop to the grave threat he posed to Paragon City's heroes. After fighting through his minions. you were shocked to learn that the villain was none other than Malaise! Apparently Azurai's spell had managed to disrupt Sister Psyche's mental hold on him. Without this psychic link. he had reverted to his old evil ways.

You returned to Calvin with the news. Although he believed you. few were willing to turn their backs on a known hero. Malaise apologised profusely. and claims that he does not believe this madness will afflict him again. Only time will tell whether he is telling the truth.


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