PvP Zone MissionDefend supply depot to buff hero damage


Mission Index

  1. Defeat all villains in depot (Arachnos)

Agent Provocateur
Freedom Corps has made your capture a number one priority for your completion of 50 PvP missions.
More Info: City Information Terminal

Save the Longbow supply depot

Warzone Agent Brinson

Arachnos just took over a Longbow supply depot. That's bad, but what I'm about to tell you is worse: that supply depot was actually a storehouse for a lot of Longbow's sensitive information. If Arachnos is allowed to remain in control of the depot, they'll find that info eventually. So you have to kick them out. Within the hour.

Don't accept this task if you're not willing to face villains who are trying to kill you.

Take out everyone inside that supply depot. That'll shut it down for good.

Part 1: Defeat all villains in depot
Abandoned Office @ Siren's Call (Arachnos)

Longbow is counting on you for this.

Mission Complete: You rescued the supply depot.

Agent Provocateur
Awarded for completing the mission
Warzone Agent Brinson

Good work, Red Tomax. You rescued the supply depot, and before Arachnos found any of the intel hidden inside. You've saved a lot of lives today.


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