OtherStop the Sky Raiders; Hard


Mission Index

  1. Combat Sky Raider menace (Sky Raiders)

Hit the streets and defeat a few Sky Raiders

Christine Lansdale

The Sky Raiders have been increasing the tempo of their operations, apparently they think that a couple of successes against some of the city's younger heroes makes them unstoppable. I'd like to see them get stopped, hard, and I would like to see you do it.

The Sky Raiders got a few successes in Terra Volta recently, but wherever or whenever you can stop their actions is a good place to start.

Part 1: Combat Sky Raider menace (Defeat 30 Sky Raiders)
Defeat X (Sky Raiders)

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough Sky Raiders.

Christine Lansdale

The Sky Raiders are a pretty bold and gung-ho outfit. But I think you've done a great job of showing them that their kind of law-breaking won't be tolerated.


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