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  1. Patrol Siren's Call

Risk Taker
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Patrol Siren's Call

Warzone Agent Brinson

Arachnos is really pushing us here in Siren's Call. Their own troops aren't even the real problem: it's all the freelancers they've hired. We need every hero who's able to get out and patrol the area, see if they can push Arachnos back. Can I count on you?

Don't accept this task if you're not willing to face villains who are trying to kill you.

Good luck, Red Tomax. It's rough out there.

Part 1: Patrol Siren's Call (Visit 6 Locations)
Patrol @ Siren's Call

Mission Complete: You've finished your patrol.

Risk Taker
Awarded for completing the mission
Warzone Agent Brinson

Thanks for running that patrol. With people like you on our side, we may just push Arachnos out of Siren's Call.


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