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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Lost leader, his men (The Lost)
  2. Interrogate Lost (The Lost)
  3. Defeat Lost leader, his men (The Lost,Rikti)

Stop the Lost attack

Eliza Thorpe

The Lost have struck again. This time they're raiding a Crey Industries laboratory. There are a lot of people in danger, and if Crey's own security forces get there before the situation is under control, it could erupt into chaos. Can you stop this Lost attack?

If you can defeat all of the Lost, great. If you can get the researchers out and take down the boss, then Crey security can probably handle the rest. Either way will win this one.

Part 1: Defeat Lost leader, his men (5 researchers to rescue)
Laboratory (The Lost)

Several terse Crey security officers brief you on the situation before you enter the lab. Five captives, and an unknown number of the Lost wait inside.

Objective: Dr. Zakarij gives you a list of what the Lost have stolen.

ClueList of Stolen Technology

Dr. Vassily Zakarij provided you with this list of high-tech devices and materials stolen from the Crey Industries Lab by the Lost.

Mission Complete: You stopped the Lost attack on the Crey Facility.

Part 2: Interrogate Lost (Defeat 20 Lost)
Defeat X (The Lost)

Mission Complete: One of the Lost you defeated had a clue on him.

Part 3: Defeat Lost leader, his men (6 technology caches to find)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Atlas Park (The Lost,Rikti)

This old warehouse contains haphazard piles of stolen goods from all over the city.

Objective: This canister contains materials stolen from the Crey lab you saved.

ClueLost theft ledger

You found this large list of stolen high tech items in a crate in the Lost's stolen good depot It has entries for a large variety and quantity of high tech parts. Not the kind of things you'd normally associate with the Lost. The orders from them to steal this stuff come from somewhere else, and from the looks of things they've sent a great deal ahead to whoever asked for it. There are no clues, however, to the stolen goods' final destination.

Objective: This crate contains items stolen from the Crey lab you were at, and a ledger.

Objective: This crate contains items stolen from the Crey lab you saved.

Mission Complete: You have found the stolen Crey tech, and uncovered a Rikti operation.

Eliza Thorpe

I can't believe it! A Rikti trooper giving orders to the Lost? The ramifications of all of this are astounding. How long have the Lost been working with the Rikti? Or maybe the Lost have just been a front for the Rikti all along. I don't know what frightens me more. You may have done everyone a major favour by uncovering this, Red Tomax. I just hope you put a stop to whatever they were planning.


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