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Mission Index

  1. Combat Devouring Earth menace (Devouring Earth )

Defeat some Devouring Earth monsters

Eliza Thorpe

The Devouring Earth are of the most dangerous threats the city faces right now, and without heroes fighting them at every turn they could wreak unimaginable damage and destruction. Heroes such as yourself need to keep the pressure on them by defeating the Devouring Earth's minions at every turn.

The Devouring Earth are trying to extend their reach into several areas. Fighting them anywhere they appear would help. If you're looking for a place to go, I'd recomend that you look in Terra Volta and Talos Island.

Part 1: Combat Devouring Earth menace (Defeat 30 Devouring Earth)
Defeat X (Devouring Earth )

Mission Complete: You have defeated enough Devouring Earth creatures.

Eliza Thorpe

The Devouring Earth seek to put an end to mankind and all of human civilization. Fighting them is a constant battle, but a battle that needs to be fought.


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