OtherNot Welcome: Terra Volta


Mission Index

  1. Combat Lost in Terra Volta (The Lost)

Go to Terra Volta and show the Lost they're not welcome

Eliza Thorpe

This really worries me. The Lost have been scavenging around the Terra Volta reactor itself, and fighting other villains. The workers in the reactor complex are very worried that the Lost might cause some damage to the reactor itself, and they're asking for heroes to fight Lost scavengers in the area. Can you travel to Terra Volta and show the Lost that they're not welcome in that area?

The Lost could cause a lot of damage in their search for things to scavenge. If that's even what they're doing.

Part 1: Combat Lost in Terra Volta (Defeat 30 Lost)
Defeat X @ Terra Volta (The Lost)

Mission Complete: You have cleared enough of the Lost from Terra Volta.

Eliza Thorpe

That was no doubt a tough battle, Red Tomax. I knew you could handle it.


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