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Mission Index

  1. Defeat Devouring Earth in Talos (Devouring Earth )

Go to Talos Island and defeat Devouring Earth

Eliza Thorpe

There are a lot of reports from Talos Island about the Devouring Earth trying to establish a foothold in the area. I don't want to see that happen. I'd like you to clear them out. Talos fought hard and died to protect this city, Red Tomax. It would be a tragedy if the zone named after him were to fall to those monsters.

A lot of the reports are coming from the Eleusis and the Serpent's Teeth, but I am sure any neighbourhood in the zone would welcome your assistance.

Part 1: Defeat Devouring Earth in Talos (Defeat 30 Devouring Earth)
Defeat X @ Talos Island (Devouring Earth )

Mission Complete: You have cleared out enough Devouring Earth.

Eliza Thorpe

Talos himself would have been proud of your efforts, Red Tomax.


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