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Mission Index

  1. Stop beasts' leader & its guards - 1:30:00 (Devouring Earth )

Check out the caverns

Eliza Thorpe

I've got a bad feeling about this one, Red Tomax. I think you should recruit a team. I heard some kids were playing in some caves near Talos Island, when a tired, unkempt woman crawled up from the depths of the cavern. It was Dr. Eileen Turner, the mising geologist. The kids gave her some food, but she said she had to return to the cavern before 'the Devoured' found her missing. She begged the kids to tell someone that the city faced great danger from under the earth. I think you should check out those caverns. You only have 90 minutes to deal with the situation. And you'll need at least one teammate.

It sounds like Dr. Turner is in the clutches of the Devouring Earth. No one knows who's the mastermind behind those monsters' mayhem. But whoever he is, he's willing to kill and destroy to achieve his extremist ecological goals.

Part 1: Stop beasts' leader & its guards - 1:30:00 (Find woman, Disarm linked bombs, Disarm bombs simultaneously)
Caverns @ Talos Island (Devouring Earth )

You've wandered these twisted caverns for what seems like hours. You only hope you're not walking in circles.

Mission Complete: You have stopped the Devouring Earth's plot to divert an underground river and sink Paragon City.

ClueThe geologist's story

When you rescued Dr. Eileen Turner, she told you:

'They've had me down here for days. They kept ordering me to find the weak points in the cavern walls, so they can plant their bombs. They want to release an underground river and sink the whole city! Millions could perish. I tried to misdirect them, but I honestly believe they could smell my fear. Thank you, Red Tomax, thank you so much!

Eliza Thorpe

If the Devouring Earth had succeeded, they might have sunk a good chunk of the city. It's a good thing you were on top of this one, Red Tomax. Dr. Turner is recovering with relatives out in California, but she asked me to send you her thanks. She says that she though she'd never see the sun again, until you showed up.


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