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  1. Defeat all villains in warehouse (Freakshow)

Free Flibble's family from the Freakshow

Hello Red Tomax, how do you do? My name is Flibble and I am a rotundatron. I need your help badly, my family have been kidnapped by the Freakshow.

Will you free my family from the Freakshow?

Thank you so much, I'd be lost without them Red Tomax!

Part 1: Defeat all villains in warehouse (Locate Flibbles family)
Abandoned Laboratory (Freakshow)

It looks like your arrival is not unexpected!

Objective: You found Flibble's family

ClueThe Truth About Flibble ...

When you rescued Flibble's family they told you why they were caught up with the Freakshow in the first place

'Poor Flibble, he's so trusting. You'd have thought the name "Freakshow" would give him some clue that he couldn't trust them to babysit our daughter!'

Mission Complete: You defeated all villains in the warehouse.

Thank you, Red Tomax! Thank you so very much


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