Minor Story ArcChoose Your Own Adventure


Mission Index

  1. Locate and recover potential Seer (Longbow,Paragon Police)
  2. Break into Fortress, Talk to Seer (Arachnos)
  3. Retrieve the Eye of Chronos (Arachnos)

Recover seer from Paragon City

Fortunata Hamilton

Well, Dread Tomax, fate has put us on the same path. I have forseen this day, and now it is upon us. There is a girl... she has the potential to be one of us, a Fortunata. Unfortunately she is stuck in the cesspool that is Paragon City. Those imbeciles there have no idea what they are dealing with, so we need you to 'liberate' her from their care. Bring her to Arachnos so that she may be joined with her brothers and sisters in the Fortunata Corps.

You will need to infiltrate the city proper, and locate the girl. Once you have her we can extract you both.

Part 1: Locate and recover potential Seer (Locate Seer)
Instanced Outdoor [Kings Row] @ Port Oakes (Longbow,Paragon Police)

The Seer is located somewhere in this section of Paragon City.

Fortunata Hamilton

The girl spoke of what? Alan informed me of your 'special status' but this girl seems to be inferring that your true destiny might be more than even you know.

I sense our destinies becoming more entwined.

Break into Ghost Widow's Fortress, talk to Seer

Fortunata Hamilton

The Seer you rescued had some very interesting insights. This bears further investigation if you wish to see if you are truly a Destined One.

I think you are going to need to go to the source, the girl you liberated from Paragon City. I have prepared a series of questions for you to ask her. Her responses to these will be most telling.

The biggest hitch, however, is that she is currently undergoing training in Ghost Widow's fortress on Mercy Island. You will need to break into that facility and talk to her, and they won't be happy with you, so expect resistance.

Here is the list of questions you need to ask her, these will either confirm her visions or disprove them.

Part 2: Break into Fortress, Talk to Seer (Locate the Seer)
Arachnos Base @ Mercy Island (Arachnos)

Fortunata Hamilton was right, you are not welcome here. You only hope that Ghost Widow herself is not part of the welcoming committee.

Mission Complete: You got the answers you were looking for!


The Seer has answered all of your questions. To your untrained eye, it looks as if these answers point to you being an actual Destined One, but you need to tell Fortunata Hamilton her responses to make sure.

Fortunata Hamilton

Those are intriguing answers, and you are correct, they do point to you being an actual Destined One. I have never heard of someone changing the future such as this, so we will need some way to confirm it.

Retrieve the Eye of Chronos from Arachnos

Fortunata Hamilton

I think it is time that we actually determine if you are a Destined One or not. There is an artifact, the Eye of Chronos, that Kalinda used to divine the original Destined Ones. If you could bring this artifact to me, I can see if I can use it to determine if you actually are a Destined One or someone is simply playing you for the fool.

This is heavily guarded, and they won't let you just walk in and take it. You will need to fight your way to it.

Part 3: Retrieve the Eye of Chronos (Recover Eye of Chronos)
Arachnos Base @ Cap au Diable (Arachnos)

This is the place, the Artifact should be around here somewhere.

Objective: This crate was empty

Objective: This crate was empty

Objective: You found the Eye of Chronos

ClueThe Eye of Chronos

This crystal looks like a large eyeball. It is rumored to be that of Chronos the first Titan. Fortunetellers and Seers prize this artifact for its ability to foresee destinies and clarifying the future.

Mission Complete: With the Eye now in your possession, you can have Fortunata Hamilton divine your destiny.

Fortunata Hamilton

The Eye of Chronos will tell me what I need to know. But this will not be quick. Come back when you are Threat Level 20 and we can discuss what I have learned.

Souvenir: Filled Notepad

You look upon the notepad, filled with questions and the answers you got, and remember back to the time you call:

Choose Your Own Adventure

You began your time with Forunata Hamilton by doing a simple extraction for Arachnos, part of your regular Arachnos-related duties. However, the seer that you were sent to Paragon City to retrieve had some very interesting things to say about you and your destiny. When you got back to Fortunata Hamilton, she suggested that it might have been possible that your mucking about with the Destined One list has actually changed fate and made you an actual Destined One. She said that further investigation into this matter would be required.

This investigation began with her giving you a series of questions to ask the seer that you previously rescued. Unfortunately that seer was undergoing her training in Ghost Widow's Fortress, so you needed to break into that just to talk to her. After getting the answers, Fortunata Hamilton determined that one more step was necessary.

She would need to divine you with the same artifact that Kalinda used to generate the original Destined One list. You then broke into an Arachnos warehouse and stole the Eye of Chronos, the artifact in question, and returned it to Fortunata Hamilton, where she began the lengthy process of divining your destiny with it.


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