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Mission Index

  1. Beat Ezekiel Brass (Arachnos)

See what Television wants you to do


You tune into the next show just as the words 'In Colour' fade from the screen, and the action opens in the aftermath of chaos. Arachnos troops are cleaning up after a major operation, an attack on the WSPDR building that you remember from a while back. Only this isn't news footage. It looks like an old TV show. The camera follows an old-model police cruiser as it pulls up, and a pair of stiff-backed, straight-laced, no-nonsense plainclothes detectives step out. They immediately start talking to the officers on the scene in rapid-fire monotone bursts.

'What's happened here?' asks the first cop.

'Arachnos attacked the WSPDR building,' replies the cop on the scene.

'I can see that. Why?'

'Marshal Brass was angry. Something about WSPDR trying to broadcast an expose on Dr. Aeon.'

'Brass is a real big-shot around here,' the second says. 'What are we going to do about it?'

'We can't let him get away with this, partner. A crime's been committed. A crime against Television. We're going to need outside help, partner. We can't touch Brass, but we can still hurt him. I'm going to call in Dread Tomax.'

Both cops turn to you, the technicolor grey of their sharply pressed suits coming right at you.

'Alright, Dread Tomax' the no-nonsense cop says to you in a no-nonsense monotone. 'Let's get to your part in all of this. We can't touch Marshal Brass. Arachnos needs him just where he is, keeping Dr. Aeon paranoid. But he's got to learn not to mes with Television. That's going to be your job. Brass is a tough guy, but he's got a soft spot: his kid. Ezekial Brass, black male, early twenties, currently working his way up the Arachnos organization. You make sure something happens to the son. We'll make sure the father gets the message: Don't Mess with Television.'

Part 1: Beat Ezekiel Brass (Defeat Ezekiel Brass)
Arachnos Base @ Grandville (Arachnos)

Marshal Brass' kid Ezekiel is in here somewhere. He's your only target, this time.

Mission Complete: You defeated Ezekiel Brass.


When you return, the cops are back at their station, writing up their reports.

'How did it go?' asks one in his clipped monotone.

'Brass got the message,' the other one replies. 'Loud and clear' They both nod in unison.

'And the kid?' The first one asks.

'Docs were talking about it in the TV lounge. He'll probably pull through, but they might end up putting him in one of those Tarantula things.'

'Tough break'

'Yeah. But that's what happens when you mess with Television.'

The screen freezes and the credits play over a still-frame of the last shot. You catch your name in the credits, billed as: 'With special guest star ....... Dread Tomax'.


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