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  1. Save Amanda Vines (Council)

Stay tuned through the commercials


On the screen is a scene from a classic old TV show, a warm-hearted family comedy filmed in black and white. As you tune in, a stern father is explaining to his youngest son that lying is bad, no matter how good the baseball card was or how much he really wanted it. With a knowing smile he then sends the boy off to dinner. You're just about to stop watching when you notice that the sitcom father is now looking right out of the screen. The black and white world behind him comes to a stand-still, but he doesn't seem to be paying any attention to it. Instead, he lights his pipe and starts to talk directly to you:

'Now hold on a minute there, Dread Tomax', he says. 'I still need to talk to you about something very important.' He points directly at you with his pipe, and nods seriously. 'Dread Tomax, I would like to talk to you about Television,' he says. 'About what Television is, and what Television does. About what Television can do for you, and about what you can do for Television. Because Television needs your help. And after all that Television has done for you, don't you think you should help Television? I thought so. I'll tell you more, after this commercial break. So stay tuned.'

The exit music for the show begins and the first commercial appears on the screen. Will you stay tuned through the commercials to see what Television is trying to tell you?

2 minutes of advertisements later, the television is showing that same black-and white living room with the stern father holding his pipe.

'Ah, Dread Tomax' he says as he looks back at you. 'I'm glad to see you're back. Well, there's a lot of things you need to understand about Television, but I think the first place we really need to start with family. Television unites us, you see. Everyone watches Television, so everyone has the common experience of Television. And that's important. Because families are built on common experience. So, in a way, Television provides each of us with a family we can all share and relate to.' He takes a long puff odd his pipe to give you time to think about that before he continues. 'Television also shows us examples of families that are both like, and unlike our own. And when we have no family, Television is still there for us, to tell us stories and talk to us no matter how lonely we are. So it's very important that people keep watching Television. Do you understand? But what kind of family would we be if we didn't take care of our own? Right now, a young lady called Amanda Vines has gotten herself into a little bit of hot water with the Council.

Now, Television likes Amanda Vines. She's part of Television's family, and we want her to be safe. So, Dread Tomax, Television would like you to help Miss Vines out of trouble. I think you'll be able to manage it.' He winks at you knowingly, and then the rest of the show begins to move again. In less than a minute, you're watching the credits roll beneath the old show's distinctive theme song. And you also know where Amanda Vines is, and that you have to help her. Television wants you to help her.

Part 1: Save Amanda Vines (Rescue Amanda Vines, Lead Ms. Vines out)
Council Base @ Grandville (Council)

How you knew where to go is something you really don't want to dwell on.

Mission Complete: You rescued Amanda Vines, just like Television told you.


When you come back, another episode of that old family comedy is playing on the television screen. Apparently, both the younger and the older son of that perfect black-and-white TV family got into fights at school, and the stern father is reassuring his beautiful wife that he'll get to the bottom of it. It's all so... normal, that you begin to think you must have imagined all of it. But just as you're about to turn the channel, the monochromatic TV mother sees you! She wags a finger at you and says:

'Ah-ah-ah! Now don't touch that dial, Dread Tomax. You see, dear?' she says to her husband. 'I told you Dread Tomax would be back soon.' The father nods and looks out at you from the screen. 'And you were right, as always. Do you mind if I talk to Dread Tomax before I go talk to the boys?'

She kisses him on the cheek and turns back to the stove. 'Of course, not, dear,' she says. 'I still have to make dinner, and there will barely be time before the next commercial.' The stern but loving monochrome visage of that TV father turns back to you. 'Now, Dread Tomax, you've done a great job for Television. Ms. Vines is a great asset to Television. People like to see her, they want to trust her, and it's very important that people trust Television. And now that Television know that Television can trust you, I think you might want to turn in, and watch more Television. But then, watching Television is never a bad idea, don't you think?'

And with that, the next commercial starts. You turn away from the hypnotic real estate get-rich-quick scheme being advertised, and try to clear your head. Are you going crazy? Is someone messing with your mind? Or was that real?


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