Minor Story ArcLight and Darkness


Mission Index

  1. Retrieve Void Hunter Rifles (Council)
  2. Take out Kyros (Paragon Police)
  3. Take out Kheldian (Paragon Police,Peacebringers)

Notable Foes

Take the job defending the Crey lab


I've been told to trust this Dr. Forrester guy, but I have my doubts. That's why I am going to send you to pick up a shipment he has for me. A couple of Void Hunter rifles stolen from the Council should help me take out a few of those pesky Kheldian heroes that have been harrassing the Rogues Isles recently.

If I were the Council, I'd want those rifles back. I had Dr. Forrester mark the correct crate with the codeword 'Dark Matter', so you shouldn't need to open every single crate looking for them.

Part 1: Retrieve Void Hunter Rifles (Locate the Rifle Crate)
Warehouse @ Grandville (Council)

This is a big warehouse, if the Council is here it may take them a while to find the exact crate.

Objective: This crate did not contain the rifles

Objective: You located the rifles

Mission Complete: You found the rifles!


Excellent. I hope having the crate marked made things easier on you in finding it. Sounds like the Dr. Forrester guy is trustworthy after all.

Coordinate with Abyss and take out a Kheldian cop


Now that I have these rifles I can start taking out those Kheldians. Tell you what, since there's two rifles here, why don't you help me out. These four Khelds are scattered, and once word gets out that I'm after them they will be a lot harder to track. If we coordinate, we can take the first two by surprise.

Your target is a PPD cop named Detective Kyros who's WAY outside his jurisdiction pursuing an escaped villain from the Zig prison in Paragon City. Kyros is a Peacebringer and causing a lot of trouble. The Void Rifle should make short work of him though. He and his PPD team are hiding out in the sewers planning their next attack.

You have received a Void Hunter Rifle

Part 2: Take out Kyros (Defeat Kyros)
Sewers @ Grandville (Paragon Police)

These sewers look like they have been heavily traveled recently.

Objective: You defeated Kyros!

Mission Complete: You made short work of Kyros.


Great work. The other Kheldians might be a bit better prepared now, but I think you can handle it.

Take out Sunstorm


With us taking out two of those Kheldians, the other two are running scared. I found the location of Sunstorm, so you should take him down while I track down the other Peacebringer.

Sunstorm is going to be tough to take down, so you should consider looking for some backup. I don't care how you split up your share of the loot with your buddies, but that's not my problem.

Sunstorm is an experienced Peacebringer, so don't expect the exact same tactics that Kyros used. The Void Hunter rifle has only the one power pack left, so don't waste it.

You have received a Void Hunter Rifle.

Part 3: Take out Kheldian (Defeat Sunstorm)
Longbow Underwater Base @ Grandville (Paragon Police,Peacebringers)

This underwater base is where Abyss said Sunstorm was holed up.

Objective: Sunstorm has been defeated

SunstormSunstorm [Hero]
When the Kheldian warrior called Perihelion arrived on Earth, it sought a human warrior with courage and strength to match it's own as a host. Sgt. Benjamin Carter was a Paragon Police Department officer who was facing down a Vahzilok menace, and Perihelion saw this as the opportunity to bond with him and form a powerful Kheldian Peacebringer. They became the being called Sunstorm, and handily defeated the surrounding Vahzilok. While he has no real rank over the rest of his kind, Sunstorm usually coordinates the activities of his fellow Peacebringers on Earth, mainly due to his great experience and wisdom.

Mission Complete: You have defeated Sunstorm!


Well, my target escaped. No clue left where she went. Good to see you took yours down, but the fact that the job wasn't 100% complete means the payout was cut in half. Here's your cut.

Souvenir: Light and Darkness

You agreed to help Abyss out by recovering a crate left for her by Dr. Forrester. Abyss said the crate was marked with the codeword 'Dark Matter' and even though the Council, and their Nictus Hunters, were looking for it, you found it first. It contained two Void Hunter rifles, and four power cells.

Abyss then had a list of four Kheldian targets in the Rogue Isles that needed to be eliminated. With two rifles, you agreed to split the duty and the bounty. You took out Detective Kyros and his cadre of PPD officers. Abyss dealt with her target, and warned you the next one might not be as easy.

Abyss had tracked down where Sunstorm had holed himself up, and gave you the location while she tracked down the last Kheldian. Arriving at the underwater Longbow base you found Sunstorm and put the hurt down on him with the help of the Void Hunter rifle you had. When you arrived back Abyss told you that her target had simply disappeared and thus the reward to split was going to be less than anticipated.


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