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  1. Defeat Jenkins, Get List (Arachnos,Snakes)

Beat up Jenkins and get the list.

Alan Desslock

Ah, you're back. And just in time, too!

It turns out there was an operative that entered the Zig to bust out the Destined Ones. This Private Jenkins had a hard copy of the list, something that is obviously unaffected by my virus. It's the original 'without Dread Tomax' edition too. I know where he is currently dispatched, so you can find him and get that list from him. The list is too long, and he is too stupid to know your name isn't on it, so just getting the list from him will do. He carries it around as some sort of memento of a successful mission, so beating him up should be sufficient in getting them back.

He's not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he is a trained Arachnos operative. Use caution.

Part 1: Defeat Jenkins, Get List (Get list from Pvt. Jenkins)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Mercy Island (Arachnos,Snakes)

Jenkins myst be down here doing a sweep for Snake activity.

Objective: You find Private Jenkins' copy of the original Destined One list in his wallet, along with some cash.

ClueHardcopy of The List

This is a hardcopy of Kalinda's original list, your name does not appear on it.

Mission Complete: You defeated Private Jenkins and got his copy of the list!

Alan Desslock

Well done. That should do it with extraneous copies of that list. You should destroy that before people start to ask questions.

Well, look at that, the insignificant one actually has some potential.


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