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Mission Index

  1. Rescue kidnapped patients (Vahzilok)

Go into the sewer and find the missing patients.

Rebecca Brinell

I just got a call from Chiron Medical Center. It seems their patients keep disappearing! I have a strong suspicion that the mysterious Dr. Vahzilok is behind these kidnappings. He's publicly declared that he's trying to combat death; I wouldn't be surprised if he kidnapped those patients for experimentation! I'd like you to find the missing patients.

Vahzilok's goals may sound worthy, but he is capable of anything. Remember that.

Part 1: Rescue kidnapped patients (3 patients remaining)
Abandoned Warehouse @ Galaxy City (Vahzilok)

In the distance you hear the sharpening of a blade.

Mission Complete: You rescued the missing patients.

ClueThe patient's story

One of the Patients you rescued told you:

'They said our sacrifice would bring eternal life to millions of others. They would have killed us if you hadn't shown up.'

Rebecca Brinell

I guess Vahzilok thinks it's all right to murder people, as long as his goals are noble. Pretty sick. You saved three lives today, Red Tomax; you should be very proud.


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