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  1. Find clue to Vahzilok's identity (Vahzilok)

Go into the sewers and find a clue to Dr. Vahzilok's identity

Rebecca Brinell

Reporters have managed to snap several photographs of Dr. Vahzilok, but we still have no idea who he is. See, Vahzilok always wears a surgical mask. I want you to go into the sewers and see if you can find a clue to Dr. Vahzilok's identity. If we can learn more about him, we may be able to stop him before he hurts anybody else.

Watch your step down there, Red Tomax.

Part 1: Find clue to Vahzilok's identity
Sewers @ Galaxy City (Vahzilok)

The smell of decaying flesh is nearly overwhelming.

Mission Complete: You found a clue to Dr. Vahzilok's identity.


This body belongs to one of Vahzilok's unlucky victims. Several vital organs have been removed with the neat, precise cuts of a practiced surgeon.

Rebecca Brinell

You're right, Red Tomax, these incisions could only have been made by a surgeon. And a good one at that. I always assumed Vahzilok called himself a doctor because of his efforts to eliminate death. But it looks like I was wrong. This should limit our search substantially. Good work, Red Tomax!


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