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  1. Patrol for Vahzilok activity

Patrol Galaxy City and quell any Vahzilok activity

Rebecca Brinell

Chiron Medical Center is tracking a disturbing trend. It seems that whenever the Vahzilok pass through an area, they leave an epidemic in their wake. People have reported hacking coughs, weakness, and fainting after witnessing a Vahzilok raid. I want you to patrol Galaxy City and quell any Vahzilok activity. Those creatures are a real health hazard!

Start at the patrol location I've marked on your map. Then go on to the next.

Part 1: Patrol for Vahzilok activity (5 locations)
Patrol @ Galaxy City
Rebecca Brinell

Good work, Red Tomax. I think we'll be seeing a lot fewer strange diseases now, thanks to you.


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