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  1. Read Galaxy Girl's plaque

Learn about the fallen heroes

Rebecca Brinell

This city's been through some hard times, and we've lost some truly magnificent heroes. I think you should learn about the fallen heroes of Paragon City.

Go read the plaque under the statue of Galaxy Girl.

Part 1: Read Galaxy Girl's plaque
Delivery @ Galaxy City

Kelly Graham never thought she was destined for greatness. That changed one night when she was walking home from work. She came upon an innocent woman being dragged into an alley by some masked men. Kelly called out for help, to no avail. As her fear and anger grew, she launched herself toward the alley. After a blur of flying, energy blasting, and healing light... Galaxy Girl was born!

Mission Complete: You have learned some of the history of Paragon City.

Rebecca Brinell

Heroes like Galaxy Girl are the reason Paragon City's still standing. Always remember to honor her memory.


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