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Mission Index

  1. Destroy the shadow crystals - 1:00:00 (Nictus,Cimeroran Traitors)

Accept task to destroy shadow crystals

Marcus Valerius

As you may know, Romulus has allied with the Dark Ones, creatures from the very depths of Hades. They lurk in the shadows of the surrounding caves, harnessing the power of their shadow crystals. If we can destroy these crystals we can gain a tactical advantage in the war against Romulus.

You must find these shadow crystals and destroy them, Red Tomax. I know not what foul manner of magic they contain, but I do know that they are the source of the Dark Ones' incredible power.

Part 1: Destroy the shadow crystals - 1:00:00 (3 shadow crystals to destroy)
Cimerora Tunnels @ Cimerora (Nictus,Cimeroran Traitors)

The task is clear. Destroy the crystals.

Mission Complete: You have successfully completed your task.

Marcus Valerius

Thank you, Red Tomax. You have destroyed those foul crystals. I am most pleased.


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